«Ecodevelop» (UABio member) received official accreditation of «Ukrgasbank» as an Eco-partner and General Contractor.

«Ecodevelop» became the first company in Ukraine, which received the status of General contractor for construction of biogas stations.

At the end of last year, «Ukrgasbank» began to develop a new direction - a public accreditation procedure for EPC-contractors. The main task is to minimize the possible risks of failure to perform by contractors and form a public register of professionals of the Ukrainian market. Thanks to its expertise and experience, the bank began to carry out a detailed analysis of the activities of EPC-contractors and form a pool of professional companies that investors can trust.

“The honorary status of the General Contractor for the construction of industrial renewable energy facilities can be obtained by a company that has made significant achievements in the field of bioenergy over the past few years. We are proud that «Ecodevelop» became the first in the biogas market that passed accreditation. Thus, according to the audit of the bank, the company has become one of the best and most reliable in Ukraine, which can really be trusted, since it has established itself in the market and has confirmation of the quality of its services,” said «Ecodevelop» Director Sergiy Shpak.

According to the director of the environmental department of «Ukrgasbank», Rodion Morozov, in order to protect investors who are ready to develop the renewable energy market in Ukraine, it`s necessary to open access to information on the activities of EPC contractors. Therefore, everyone can get reliable information about the activities of the contractor, his experience and implemented projects in the bank.

“The honorary status of the Eco-partner can be obtained by a company that has some achievements in the field of improving the environmental aspects of its activities over the past few years. This is confirmed by the results of the environmental audit, certified environmental management system, certificates of compliance with environmental standards for services, - says the director of «Ecodevelop», Sergiy Shpak. “And we are pleased to have received such recognition.”

Back in 2017, «Ukrgasbank» introduced the ECO-Energy program, which is designed to improve the energy independence of Ukrainians. As a result, it is possible not only to gain independence from the electricity supplier and constantly growing tariffs, but also to receive a tangible income by selling the surplus electricity to the state at a “green” tariff.