Date: April 22, 2019
Venue: Kyiv, great conference hall of the NASU, 55 Volodymyrsʹka, str.

Organizers: editorial office of the magazine "ECOBUSINESS. Ecology of the Enterprise" and the National Education Center.

This year, the ECOFORUM will be held in five cities of Ukraine:

  • "ECOBUSINESS" in Kyiv - April 22
  • "ECOBUSINESS" in Dnipro - May 24
  • "ECOBUSINESS" in Lviv - June 21
  • "ECOBUSINESS" in Odessa - September 20
  • "ECOBUSINESS" in Kharkiv - October 4

Target audience: specialists and managers of environmental and legal services of industrial enterprises, top managers, who carry out general management of the company, or managers of the environmental aspects of its activities.

Topics: the most urgent issues of changes in environmental legislation - 2018-2019 and the main challenges for business; an analysis of current practice as a business to avoid mistakes; protection of business in the course of inspection by the state bodies of control in the field of environmental protection activity; obtaining quality services in the development of environmental documentation, environmental consulting and auditing; inventory of waste at work, etc.

Among the speakers:

  • Specialists of the Office of Reforms under the Ministry of Environmental Protection
  • Specialists of the State Inspection of Ukraine
  • Specialists of the State Agency of Water Quality and State Agency for Energy Efficiency
  • Specialists of ecological departments of the Regional State Administration
  • Leading experts in the magazine "ECOBUSINESS. Ecology of the enterprise"
  • Main ecologists of leading enterprises of Ukraine

To apply please contaact: 044-507-2222 (27), 568-5138, (073) 305-80-16, 0 800 214 899 (calls are free of charge from fixed and mobile phones)


More information and registration: (in Ukrainian)

Dates: 27 – 30 May 2019
Venue: Lisbon Congress Centre – CCL, Lisbon, Portugal

The conference programme will address topics from biomass to bioliquids and biofuels for heat and electricity, transport and biobased products. It will cover all aspects of each value chain, from supply and logistics to conversion technologies, from industrial application of research results to impacts on the environment, from market and trade aspects to policy strategies, not least to the role of biomass as a source in integrated energy systems.

The EUBCE is supported by European and international organizations such as the European Commission, UNESCO – United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization – Natural Sciences Sector, WCRE – the World Council for Renewable Energy, EUBIA – the European Biomass Industry Association, The Central European Initiative, The Global Bioenergy Partnership and other organisations.

The Technical Programme is coordinated by European Commission, Joint Research Centre.

Conference Topics:

  1. Biomass resources
  2. Biomass conversion technologies for heating, cooling and electricity
  3. Biomass conversion technologies for energy carriers, chemicals and materials
  4. Biomass sustainability, impacts and policies
  5. Bioenergy integration in energy systems
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Detailed Conference Programme

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