First of all, UABio members become able to create leverage in the market of bio-energy by enabling favorable legislation and lobbying group interests of market participants (co-management of the market).

In addition, membership in the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine has the following advantages:

  • Accelerated development of own business through the exchange of information on best European and international practice, consulting support by the Association, and marketing programs, which include the promotion of the Association members and their products.
  • Direct impact on the development of own bioenergy sector through participation in relevant committees and working groups of the Association, as well as using the possibilities of the Association for direct cooperation with government and business circles.
  • Professional growth and development (exchange of experience) by obtaining information about professional standards in a particular field, as well as best practices for the development of bioenergy in the EU and the world.

UABio invites all players of bioenergy sector, public and professional organization aiming to develop the bioenergy sector in Ukraine and achieve the energy independence of our country.

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