Public Union "Bioenergy Association of Ukraine" was founded to improve Ukraine's energy independence via facilitation of bioenergy development and was officially registered on April 8, 2013.

UABio mission is to create a common platform for cooperation on bioenergy market of Ukraine in order to ensure the most favorable business environment, fast and sustainable development of bioenergy as a business sector.

Bioenergy Association of Ukraine unites 20 companies and 20 recognized experts in the field of bioenergy. Among them are “Scientific-Engineering Centre “Biomass” Ltd., “Salix Energy” Ltd., NGO "Renewable Energy Agency", LLC "UkrTeplo", LLC "Teplodar PV", LLC "Equator Sun Energy", LLC "DELTA Engineering", LLC "Kyiv Green Energy", LLC "Volyn Kalvis", LLC "Kolbe Power Group", LLC "Danosha", LLC "Boiler factory "Kriger", LLC "Smilaenergopromtrans", Corporation "INKA",  LLC "ЕТРС "ENERGYDESIGN", LLC “Metropoliya Science and Technology Company”, LLC “Engineering Centre “EkoEnergoProekt”, "Kotloturboprom" Ltd., "ENERSTENA Ukraine" LLC.

Bioenergy Association of Ukraine operates based on the principles of openness, equality and collective decision-making. For this purpose, a convenient management structure was created. The highest collegiate governing bodies are the General Meeting of UABio members and the Board. Mr. Georgiy Geletukha was elected as the Chairman of the Board. The Board and the Expert Council of UABio include leading Ukrainian and foreign experts.

Both Ukrainian and foreign legal entities of all forms of property, as well as individuals, may become members of UABio.

Main objectives of UABio activity are as follows:

  • To influence the legislative activities in the energy sector of Ukraine in order to strengthen the position and accelerate development of bioenergy.
  • To impact on policy documents in the energy sector of Ukraine (public and industrial programs, the Energy Strategy etc.) in order to reflect the proper place of bioenergy.
  • To influence the development of state and sectoral standards and norms required for bioenergy development.
  • To lobby interests of the sector by cooperating with government agencies and to promote larger utilization of bioenergy opportunities in the energy sector of Ukraine.
  • To establish cooperation between different categories of players in the industry.
  • To conduct extensive marketing activities aimed at promoting Association’s activities and development of bioenergy sector, including the following:
  1. Promotion of bioenergy sector in Ukraine and presentations by the UABio representatives at various seminars and conferences.
  2. Preparation of analytical papers, articles, presentations, position papers, press conferences to present position of the Association on key issues of bioenergy sector development.
  3. Holding of professional events (seminars, conferences, working meetings, workshops) for UABio members and bioenergy market participants.
  4. Publishing information digest to highlight the latest news of UABio and bioenergy sector as a whole.
  5. Creation and maintenance of web-site to cover work of the Association, ongoing projects, the latest news, events, publications, statistics, etc.
  6. Creation of a positive image of bioenergy in society and promoting this direction of RES in Ukraine.
  7. Development and publication of thematic brochures.
  • Establishment of cooperation with European and international professional associations and organizations.
  • Creation of a technological platform for exchange and promotion of research in bioenergy field.
  • Participation in bioenergy projects in Ukraine and dissemination of important results of such projects.
  • Providing consulting, methodical and informational assistance to members of the Association during the development of bioenergy projects.
  • Establishment of cooperation with higher education institutions, institutes of NAS of Ukraine and NAAS of Ukraine in the field of bioenergy.
  • Promoting the contribution of bioenergy projects into achieving the goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and addressing the other environmental problems.
  • Popularization of bioenergy in the society.
  • Promoting research and development work in the field of bioenergy.

Advantages of membership in the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine

Participation in the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine promotes professional and financial success of our members and provides them with a range of benefits. First of all, UABio members become able to create leverage in the market of bio-energy by an enabling favorable legislation and lobbying group interests of market participants (co-management of the market).

In addition, membership in the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine has the following advantages:

  • Accelerated development of own business through the exchange of information on best European and international practice, consulting support by the Association, and marketing programs, which include the promotion of the Association members and their products.
  • Direct impact on the development of own bioenergy sector through participation in relevant committees and working groups of the Association, as well as using the possibilities of the Association for direct cooperation with government and business circles.
  • Professional growth and development (exchange of experience) by obtaining information about professional standards in a particular field, as well as best practices for the development of bioenergy in the EU and the world.

UABio invites all players of bioenergy sector, public and professional organization aiming to develop the bioenergy sector in Ukraine and achieve the energy independence of our country.

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