Date: 22 November 2018 (Thursday), 9:00 – 17:00

Organizers: Partners for International Business project: Biobased Energy Ukraine, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine, State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine (SAEE) and Bioenergy Association of Ukraine (UABio).

Goal: Exchange of expertise to formulate bankable projects for PIB members and their Ukraine counterparts through a crash course business development for bankable projects together with examples by PIB members to show the potential of their technologies.

The Dutch Partners for International Business project on Biobased Energy in Ukraine work with a set of partners from industry and research to highlight the potential of technologies and knowledge from the Netherlands to support the energy independence of Ukraine. Feasibility studies have been carried out and ideas about potential projects have been exchanged and developed into plans, proposals and first contracts. See:

The conversion technologies require bankable projects for implementation in Ukraine. This essentially means that projects need to guarantee feedstock availability, quality and price, the offtake of the products (heat, electricity, fuels, etc) and last but not least reliable cost effective conversion technologies.

The development of such bankable projects requires skill, creativity and perseverance from project developers. In the workshop we will include a crash course business development for bankable projects together with examples by PIB members to show the potential of their technologies.

The scope of the Workshop:

  1. Heating projects
    > To create energy independence the Ukraine government introduced the law to support renewable heating and biomass heating, through heating grids in municipalities fits very well in this scheme.
  2. Power projects 
    > The green tariff for electricity from solar, wind and energy was introduced and the program is managed by NERC and creates income for the producers of electricity from biomass.
  3. Biofuel projects
    > With the forthcoming blending obligation for biodiesel and biogasoline (ethanol) Ukraine is looking for investments in local biofuel production and is interested to attract foreign investors.
  4. Biomass production and value chain projects
    > Enabling the collection of residues from forests and agriculture, energy crops, as well the conversion to intermediates, like pellets, torrefied pellets or pyrolysis oils is crucial to create a market for biobased commodities.

The Program of the Workshop:

1. Flash course Business Development:
2. Market supporting instruments:
3. Financing biobased project
4. The projects
5. Matchmaking and Proposal development
6. Review of proposals by financers
7. Closure


Target audience: companies planning the introduction of a bioenergy facility and interested in becoming familiar with Dutch technologies and financing opportunities.

International Forum of bioenergy technologies and alternative energy "AgroEnergyDAY 2018" took place in frames of the 12th International exhibition of agricultural machinery and equipment "InterAgro". Forum united more than 100 participants.

Presentations of speakers of the 1st day according to the Program:

1. State policy of Ukraine on bioenergy development - Yurii Shafarenko, Director of RES Department of SAEE of Ukrainе (in Ukrainian)

2. Bioenergy development of Ukraine - state of the art and prospects - Georgii Geletukha, Head of the Board of PU "Bioenergy Association of Ukraine" (in Ukrainian)

3. Bioenergy cooperative: a tool to form energy independent community - Stanislav Ignatiev, Executive director of the Institute for sustainable development,
founder of the Kharkiv energy cluster (in Ukrainian)

4. Biogas energy - driver for sustainable development of agricultural enterprises - Yurii Epshtein, Director of Accord Ltd (in Ukrainian)

5. Experience of implementation of the alternative energy projects of the agroindustrial holding MHP - Ivan Traksler, Director of MHP Eco-Energy LLC

6. Current trends and equipment in the design of plants for the production of biogas - Victor Mikhailovsky, director of LLC "Envitek" (in Ukrainian)

7. Briquetting and use of agromass in Ukraine. Prospects for farmers - Tetiana Zheliezna, expert, PU "Bioenergy Association of Ukraine" (in Ukrainian)

8. Unused straw potential as an energy carrier for grain drying and co-generation. With ZeroEmissionEnergy without burning straw, you will use it as much as possible - Matias Schlögl, Vice President of FTF GmbH (Germany)

9. Burning straw in boilers of 2-10 MW capacity - Alexander Moroz, director of the Bureau Intech Slovakia and TTS (Czech Republic) (in Ukrainian)

10. Growing of energy willow for heat production - Irina Gnap, director of "Salix Energy" Ltd. (in Ukrainian)

On October 30, 2018, Bioenergy Association of Ukraine together with the Ukrainian Association for Renewable Energy, the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association, the Association of Solar Energy, and the Ukrainian Hydrogen Council held a press conference on the need for urgent changes in the green energy stimulation system of Ukraine. Profile associations signed a memorandum of understanding, which sets out a consolidated position on the transition to a tender mechanism for stimulating the industry, reducing green tariffs, and encouraging small power generation from clean sources.

Head of the Board of the "Bioenergy Association of Ukraine" Georgiy Geletukha in his speech during a press conference, noted the following:

"By 2030, the law is known, but for projects with a long payback period this is not enough. If we now begin to build a bio-biological plant or a biogas plant, then after their commissioning, at least 2 years later, there will be less than 10 years of the guaranteed validity period of the “green” tariff. This situation contributes to the uncertainty of investors and banks in the recoupment of projects. Therefore, the state proposes to conclude contracts for the purchase of electricity with its producers from renewable energy sources for 20 years, but at the same time investors agree to go to the auction and bargain for lowering the price of such electricity.

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Siemens invites You to attend the 3 days XVI International Trade Fair "Power Engineering for Industry – 2018", which will take place at the International Exhibition Center.

Date: November 6-8, 2018

Venue: Ukraine, Kyiv, International Exhibition Center, 15 Brovarsky Ave., metro station "Livoberezhna".

Siemens's experts in the Power, Service, Digital Enterprise, Automation, Continuous Processes, and Drives departments will use this time to communicate with You, give answers and have discussions: "We want to know what's upsetting your business today, with which challenges you face, and how could Siemens helps".

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On October 18, 2018, Bioenergy Association of Ukraine participated in the meeting of the Committee of energy efficiency entrepreneurs at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine. The chairman of the UABio, Geletukha Georgiy, delivered a presentation "How to save and develop district heating in Ukraine" (based on the interim report of the Municipal Energy Reform Project, USAID).

The report outlines main problems that exist today in the district heating (DH) of Ukraine. In particular, the reduction of the share of the DH, the critical state of heating networks, the deterioration of the economic situation of DH enterprises. The speaker drew attention to main causes of the degradation of DH systems in Ukraine, advantages and disadvantages of the DH and individual heat supply systems, problems of the DH planning at state and local levels and proposed ways to overcome the problems.

An active discussions revolved around the existing problems of the DH of Ukraine as a result of which it was proposed to address a letter to the Prime Minister of Ukraine and other state authorities asking to take into account the proposals of the Committee for the protection of the DH in Ukraine.

Full text of the presentation "How to save and develop district heating in Ukraine" (in Ukranian)

Bioenergy Association of Ukraine and renewable energy Ambassador Ruslana Lyzhychko signed a Memorandum on cooperation in RES promotion.

The objectives of the Memorandum on cooperation are:

  1. Promoting the transition of Ukraine's energy sector to renewable sources as a strategic component of energy security and state independence.
  2. Ukraine's integration into the world trend and international programs for the transition to renewable energy sources.
  3. Constructive interaction, cooperation and consultation with all governmental and non-governmental bodies and organizations that develop and work with renewable energy sources.
  4. Ensuring and monitoring the implementation of Ukraine's obligations under international agreements, incl. assistance in fulfilling the commitments to achieve the indicative goal of renewable energy development in Ukraine within the framework of membership of the Energy Community.
  5. Collecting, analysis and dissemination of information on the financial attractiveness of the renewable energy sector, the efficiency of such technologies, experience and examples of developed countries.
  6. Promotion investment attractiveness and increase the number of investment opportunities in the renewable energy sector.
Full text of the Memorandum on cooperation in RES promotion between UABio and renewable energy Ambassador (in Ukrainian). 

On the 27th of September Bioenergy Association of Ukraine co-organized a Workshop “Agricultural residues for bioenergy. Problems and solutions” along with Partners for International Business project: Biobased Energy Ukraine, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine, State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine (SAEE).

The workshop brought together about 80 participants, including representatives of agricultural companies, academic institutions, municipalities, governments, financial institutions, consulting organizations, businesses, media and was dedicated to the use of crop residues for bioenergy without harming the soil.

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More than 210 participants have joined the International Conference "Biomass for Energy 2018" – a professional event in the field of bioenergy in Ukraine with a wide representation of politicians, public, business and science authorities.

This year the conference had a record number of participants: 214! Of these, 26 are from abroad (Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Russia, USA, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Japan). Among the professional participants, there were representatives of political circles and state authorities, consulting and commercial firms, industrial enterprises, agricultural holdings, professional associations, research and educational establishments, public organizations etc.

Organizers of the Conference: Bioenergy Association of Ukraine; State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine; Renewable Energy Agency; Institute of Engineering Thermophysics; the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; Scientific Engineering Centre “Biomass”.

Conference Program included:
• Discussion with representatives of the government and business on the subject: «Вдосконалення законодавчої підтримки розвитку біоенергетики в Україні (зелені тарифи на електроенергію, система електронної торгівлі біопаливом»;
• Plenary and oral reports on the following sections: Strategy and policy issues, Electricity generation and heat production from solid biomass, Use of MSW for heat and power production, Biomass resources and pre-treatment, Biogas;
• Awarding winners of Bioenergy Award "Golden Miskanthus 2018".

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On September 26, 2018, in Kyiv, within the framework of UNDP Project "Development and Commercialization of Bioenergy Technologies in the Municipal Sector in Ukraine" there have been held a seminar for the municipalities that applied for heat supply projects competition.

As of September 26, 45 applications from 18 cities, 9 villages, 5 towns were submitted for consideration in the UNDP project. In total from 19 regions out of 24 in Ukraine, among them:

  • 3 CHPs with total electric capacity of 20.6 MWe + 59.5 MW heat;
  • 38 boiler houses for heating residential and public (schools, kindergartens, hospitals) houses with a total heat output of 46 MW.

The UNDP project plans to provide technical assistance to selected municipal projects from October 1, 2018, until May 31, 2019, by:

  • financing of feasibility studies development;
  • financing of the development of technical projects;
  • Assistance in obtaining loans and other financings.

You can download the presentations via the link below (in Ukrainian):

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On September 25, 2018, in Kyiv, in the framework of the International Conference "Biomass for Energy 2018"  the presentation of the professional bioenergy award "Golden Miscanthus 2018" winners was held.

In Capacity Building nomination won UNDP Project "Development and Commercialization of Bioenergy Technologies in the Municipal Sector in Ukraine".

UNDP Project – Joint project of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Global Environment Facility (GEF) in 2014-2019. The project’s goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Ukraine by creating favorable legal, regulatory and market environment and building institutional, administrative and technical capacities to promote the utilization of the country’s extensive agricultural biomass potential for municipal heat and hot water services.

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