24-25 September 2013, the 9th International Conference "Biomass for Energy " was held. It had been organized by the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine, the Institute of Engineering Thermophysics and SEC "Biomass". Silver Sponsor of the conference was a Czech company "Energas Czech Republic"

At the conference, two specialized seminars took place:

The workshops Sponsors were: NL Agency Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Netherlands, the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Ukraine, the Special Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR), Germany.

The conference was attended by more than 170 experts, including 34 foreign participants from the EU and the U.S. A feature of this conference was than comparing to previous ones it had a larger number of participants, representing companies directly related to the implementation of bioenergy projects in Ukraine: the producers of bioenergy equipment, in particular, biomass boilers, large agricultural holdings. The number of representatives of law firms that are engaged in issues of bioenergy increased. Government authorities, such as National Energy Regulation Commission, as well as the National Commission of the State Public Utilities Regulation have also expressed strong interest in the issue. During the two-day conference 38 papers were presented, including plenary presentations, oral and poster presentations. In addition, a specialized panel discussion on "Barriers of bioenergy development in Ukraine and ways of overcoming them" was held, in which eight key market experts were looking for answers for the following three questions:

  • Existing barriers to bioenergy development in Ukraine. How can they be overcome?
  • Assessment of the draft Law Nio. 2946 of 26.04.2013 "On Amendments to Some Laws of Ukraine regarding the production of electricity from alternative energy sources”.
  • Updated Energy Strategy of Ukraine till 2030: whether it responds to possibilities of bioenergy sector?

When discussing the features of the use of biomass in Ukraine have been affected by the issues related to biomass resources and its processing, examples of the specific research and development of bioenergy technologies presented, discussed issues of legislation, strategy and financing of bioenergy projects, defined economic and environmental aspects of the development of technologies for energy production from biomass on the examples of bioenergy projects in our country. In addition to the Ukrainian realities the foreign experience in this field was presented at the conference. Conference materials will be available on the CD disc. Release date will be announced separately.

The conference program

The program of the seminar "Business Opportunities of Bio-based Economy"

The program of the seminar "Practical aspects of the production and use of biogas in Ukraine. German- Ukrainian dialogue on biogas"

Opening speech of the conference chairman Georgiy Geletukha

Report of the Chairman of the conference Georgiy Geletukha

Statistics of the conference attendants

Photos of the conference

Photos of the seminar “Practical aspects of production and use of biogas in Ukraine”

Resolution of the conference