Chairman's message

We cordially invite all the interested representatives of Biomass Community to participate in the Jubilee 10th International Conference on Biomass for Energy which will take place in Kyiv (Ukraine) on 23-24 September 2014.

The economic potential of biomass in Ukraine is over 20 mtoe/yr that can cover up to 15% of the country’s energy demand. Utilization of the potential may result in annual replacement of about 6 bill m3 of natural gas by 2020, reduction of greenhouse gases emission by 13 mill t CO2eq/yr. Now Ukraine is using 1.1 Mtoe/yr of biomass for energy production that covers about 1.2% of the total energy consumption.

Drivers for bioenergy development in Ukraine are:

  • Fairly high price of natural gas on Ukraine's border (268.5 $/1000 m3)
  • Operation of Green Tariff for electricity generated from solid biomass (minimum 12.39 eurocents/kWh).
  • Within the Energy Community Ukraine committed to a binding share of renewable energy in the gross final energy consumption– 11% in 2020.
  • Development of draft National Action Plan for Renewable Energy for the period until 2020.
  • Establishment and active work of Bioenergy Association of Ukraine.

Obstacles for bioenergy development in Ukraine are:

  • Legal barriers to obtaining a "green" tariff for bioenergy: introduced incorrect definition of "biomass", introduced unjustified domestic content requirement, very low Green Tariff for power produced from biomass and biogas, lack of "green" tariff for power from MSW. The lack of progress in the consideration of the Law of Ukraine N 2946 from 26.04.2013, which solves these problems.
  • A negligible contribution of bioenergy to the energy balance of the country is planned in the draft updated Energy Strategy of Ukraine until 2030.
  • Ukraine continues subsidizing the internal prices of natural gas for the population and housing-communal sector.
  • The increasing complexity of design rules and construction of bioenergy units, relating them to the 5th (highest) category of complexity.

These and other problems of Ukraine’s bioenergy sector and also possible solutions to them will be discussed at the Conference.

The previous conferences held in 2002-2013 aroused big interest in Ukraine and abroad. About 200 participants took part in each of them including 50 attendees from Europe and the USA. We believe that the 10th Conference will be no less successful and a significant step towards wide realization of biomass-to-energy projects in Ukraine.

Conference Chairman,
Georgiy Geletukha

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