January 20, 2015 an open meeting of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine on "Problems of heat gneration from biomass in Ukraine and ways to overcome them" tool place in Kiev.

During the meeting a number of reports on the following issues were presented:

  • Results of UABio operation in 2014.
  • Status and prospects of thermal energy generation from biomass in Ukraine.
  • Problems of CMU Decrees application of feed-in tariffs for thermal energy from biomass (Decree №293, №453, №30).
  • Practical problems during construction and operation of a biomass-fired boiler houses.
  • Problems and prospects of fuel supply for biomass-fired boiler houses.
  • New DBN V.2.5-77: 2014 "Boiler houses".
  • UABio plans for 2015.
  • Coordination of market players actions in the pursuit of common interests.

During the meeting, a lively discussion between business representatives and representatives of the executive authorities took place, especially on changes and improvements to the CMU Decrees №293, №453, №30.

Agenda of the meeting

Among participants of the meeting were representatives of the State Committee on Energy Efficiency of Ukraine, Ministry of Regional Development, National Comission on Regulation of Energy and Communal Services, State Agency of Forest resources, NAC "Naftogaz of Ukraine", "Kyivenergo", as well as key players in the market heat generation from biomass, e.g. "Salix Energy", CET, "Kolbe Ukraine", "Volyn-Kalvis", "Kriger" and others.

The key decision made at the meeting was the proposal to develop amendments and improvements necessary for effective implementation of the CMU Decrees №293, №453, №30 and actual replacement of natural gas. UABio proposal on the present issues are to developed as soon as possible.

We invite all those involved in the sector of heat and power generation using biomass and biogas to join the UABio! Detailed information on membership in the UABio is available via the link.

Presentation and documents discussed at the meeting may be dowloaded in the Ukranian version of the web-site.