Seminar on Bioenergy Cooperation Ukraine – Netherlands was held on September 23, 2015 within the framework of the 11th International Conference on "Biomass for energy." The goal of the seminar was to make contribution to Clean, Efficient Bioenergy implementation in Ukraine, development of joint projects.

Ukraine is facing major energy challenges and biomass as a resource could substantially contribute to the supply of heat, power and fuels. Dutch companies have experience in development of bioenergy in all forms; Anaerobic Digestion, Combustion, Co-firing, Energy from Waste, Biofuel production and biobased economy both from the research and industrial point of view. This Seminar will focus on exploring cooperation possibilities to develop jointly projects in the area of bioenergy.

Presentations of Speakers:

1. Willem Maaskant, BGP Engineers. Partners in Business; Biobased Energy in Ukraine.
2. Willy Bijen, KARA Energy Systems B.V. Heating with your best available Biomass.
3. Georgii Geletukha, Bioenergy Association of Ukraine. Financial Support for Bioenergy in Ukraine.
4. Nadezhda Ryazanova, IFC. Investment Facilitation for Biomass-to-energy Projects: Promising financial Mechanisms and Market Segments.(Ukr)
5. Kees Kwant, RVO. Biomass Heating developments in the Netherlands.
6. Wolter Elbersen, WUR/FBR. Sustainable biomass chains in regions.
7. Jaap Koppejan, Procede. Emissions from Biomass combustion.
8. Hans van Klink, DSD. Beet refinery and bioethanol production.
9. Willem Maaskant, BGP Engineers. Domestic Reed as Source for Local Heating Solutions.
10. Jos Captein, KSB Nederland BV. Technology that makes its mark.

Photo from the Seminar