salix energy field day 2016 1

On May 24, 2016 in Lutsk an agro-energy company Salix Energy held a "Day of the energy field." The event was attended by about 30 people, including scientists, agricultural companies, farmers, woodprocessing and energy companies, manufacturers of pellets. During the theoretical part, the expert of Bioenergy Association Ukraine, Semen Dragnev, introduced the current situation in the bioenergy sector, spoke about the promising directions of its development in the near future, about barriers to the development and results of the UABio to overcome these barriers. Then the director of "Salix Energy" Irina Gnap shared features of growing energy willow in Volyn. For 5 years of work the company "Salix Energy" planted 1,720 hectares of energy willow in the Volyn region, and provides services for the procurement of planting material on request. On the experience of construction and operation of solid fuel boilers that use wood chips from willow, said the business analyst of Salix Energy Volodymyr Ivakhiv.

The practical part of the event included visits to plantations of energy willow and experimental plantations of new varieties of willow and other energy crops such as poplar, miscanthus and switchgrass. During the trip participants were also demonstrated the technics involved in the process of planting, caring for plants, collection and transportation of the chips from willow. "Energy field Day' was Completed with the visit to 1.2 MW boiler house in the Ivanychi village with a demonstration of willow chips combustion in wood-fired boilers.