elektrosetiBioenergy Association of Ukraine appealed to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko concerning unjustified high tariff, approved by the NKREKP decree “On approval of figures of cost-per-unit of a non-standard connection of power plants to electricity grids for 2017”.

Results of comparison of the situation with the connection of power plants on RES in EU countries and Ukraine show that almost all EU countries create preferences to producers of RES electricity, including connection to the grids.

Particularly, EU Directive 2009/28/ECcommitts provision of a priority guarantied access to power grids for electricity producers from renewable sources.

A number of countries remit RES power producers from connection payment. In particular, connection to the grid for RES power producers in Austria, Denmark, and Germany is free of charge. The same principle is in force in Poland for power producers from RES with a capacity less than 5 MW.

Some EU countries and EU candidates have a practice of payment for connection to the grid, but at a significantly lower level, than approved in Ukraine. For example, in Makedonia fee for the connection to the grid of a capacity up to 400 kW amounts from 34.5€/kW to 64.9 €/kW. The cost of connection power plants to the grid in Lithuania for capacities 100-500 kW is 57.01 euro/kW, that is 4 times cheaper than NKREKP approved in Ukraine (200 euro/kW).

Bioenergy association of Ukraine considers that setting of such a high level of tariff for non-standard connection, approved by NKREKP, is inappropriate. UABio demands to reconsider connection tariffs for their significant reduction. UABio holds that payment for the non-standard connection of power plants to power grids should be equal for all oblenergo in Ukraine and don not exceed a level of 50 EUR/kW (1500 UAH/kW).

Read the UABio Letter to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko concerning the NKREKP setting of the unjustified high tariff for connection of RES power plants to electricity grids (in Ukrainian)