wba lapinskas co chairman uabioconf 2017 enInternational Conference "BIOMASS FOR ENERGY 2017" received support from World Bioenergy Association (WBA) and confirmation from the President of WBA Remigijus Lapinskas to become a Co-Chairman of the Conference.

World Bioenergy Association (WBA) is the global organization dedicated to supporting and representing the wide range of actors in the bioenergy sector. Our members include bioenergy associations, institutions, companies and individuals.

Mission of WBA: Promote the increasing utilization of bioenergy globally in an efficient and sustainable way and to support the business environment for bioenergy.

Conference website: www.UABioConf.org

Presentation of the President of World Bioenergy Association Remigijus Lapinskas at the 12th International Conference "BIOMASS FOR ENERGY", 20-21 September 2016 -  World Bioenergy Association initiative to develop fossil fuel exit strategy and expand biomass energy worldwide as a tool to combat climate change.