bioenergy day 12 april 201712 April 2017, Bioenergy Association of Ukraine along with company "EuroIndex" and officially supported by the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine will hold a seminar-discussion "Bioenergy Day" in frames of the 2nd day of the IV National Specialized Trade Show and Forum "Independent Heat&Power Engineering". The event was attended by around 50 participants, including representatives of cities and utility companies, ESCOs and energy companies, biofuel producers and scientists.

Speakers of the event will participate in three discussions on the following topics:

  • Discussion 1: Prospects for creation of a competitive heat market in Ukraine;
  • Discussion 2: Prospects for the creation of a competitive biofuels exchange in Ukraine;
  • Discussion 3: Experience in the development of bioenergy in the EU.

Event Location: KyivExpoPlaza venue (2B, Salyunta st.)


  • Yuriy Shafarenko, Head of Departmenrt of renewable energy sources and alternative fuels, SAEE;
  • Diana Korsakaite, Head of the USAID Municipal Energy Reform Project in Ukraine;
  • Georgiy Geletukha, Head of Bioenergy Association of Ukraine;
  • Arsentii Blashchuk, President of Intersectoral Association "Ukrteplokomunenergo";
  • Yevgen Mahlovanyi, Head of Department of technical regulation of energy efficiency, SAEE;
  • Tetiana Zheliezna, PhD, UABio Expert, Head of Department at SEC "Biomass", Senior researcher at IET NASU;
  • Roman Shyrokykh, Director of Commodity Exchange "Ukrainian Interregional Specialized";
  • Olha Haidai, PhD, Senior consultant at SEC "Biomass";
  • Yurii Urda, Regional Development Manager at "KUHN Ukraine";
  • Oleksandra Tryboi, Consultant at SEC "Biomass".
Program of the "Bioenergy Day" (in Ukrainian)

Program of the IV National Specialized Trade Show and Forum "Independent Heat&Power Engineering"