Bioenergy Assossiation of Ukraine appealed to the people's deputy of Ukraine Olexandr Dombrovsky and Head of the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine Serhii Savchuk with motion on the improvement of 'green' tariff regulations for electricity from biomass, biogas and biomethane in Ukraine.

According to the estimation of the UABio, there is a significant underrun in electricity production from biomass and biogas in Ukraine, in comparison to electricity production from other renewable energy sources (in particular, solar and wind energy), including with trends in the EU. The underrun is due to a substantially lower level of the 'green' tariff in Ukraine compared to the majority of EU countries, the lack of differentiation of the level of the 'green' tariff depending on the capacity of installations, the limitation of the 'green' tariff until 2030, and further decrease of the level of the 'green' tariff by 10% from 2020 and by 10% additionally from 2025.

UABio has proposed to improve the 'green' tariff mechanism for electricity produced from biomass and biogas:

- to introduce different levels of 'green' tariff for biomass and biogas-based electricity, depending on capacity and type of installations;

- to provide a separate coefficient of 'green' tariff for electricity produced from straw, corn and sunflower stalks, as well as from energy crops;

- to provide increased 'green' tariff for electricity generated from biomass and agrarian biomass at CHPs;

- to provide 'green' tariff for electricity produced from biomethane;

- to extend the 'green' tariff for electricity generating from biomass and biogas for 20 years from the signing of the PPA;

Read the UABio Letter on the improvement of "green" tariff for electricity from biomass and biogas in Ukraine (in Ukrainian) and find the full presentation here.