Congratulations to NKM-GROUP on joining the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine!

The company "NKM GROUP" specializes in the design, supply and installation of complex automation systems for facilities in the oil and gas complex, as well as renewable energy generation facilities.

The company closely cooperates with the major Ukrainian operators of the fuel and energy market in terms of the complex construction and reconstruction of terminals, tank farms, gas stations, recovery complexes and the like.

NKM GROUP is the official representative of SAMPI/LIQUID CONTROLS Europe (Italy), an official partner of EMERSON Corporation (USA), an exclusive dealer of AD "Cauchuk" (Bulgaria), an official dealer of the PROMPPRIBOR group of companies (Russia) , a dealer of PP "Fortuna" (Ukraine), an official representative of the company TEDOM (Czech Republic) and a partner of the company AGROFERM Technologies (Germany) and represents the full spectrum of equipment of the above companies for terminals, tank farms, industrial plants, elevators, biogas and solar stations, and also carries out a guarantee, post-warranty and service.

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