Bioenergy Association of Ukraine, supporting the initiative of the European Bioenergy Association "Bioenergy Europe", celebrates the Bioenergy Day in Ukraine.

In 2018 Bioenergy Day in Ukraine is on December 18th. This means that 13 days out of 365 Ukraine fully satisfies its needs only because of bioenergy. This is two extra days of clean energy compared to 2017

Due to the good temp of bioenergy sector development (35% per year in 2010-2016) we will have more extra days of clean energy compared to 2018 and the Bioenergy Day in Ukraine will come sooner :)

More about Bioenergy Day in Ukraine in 2017 You can read here.

About Bioenergy Day in Europe You can read here or at the European Bioenergy Day campaign's website.

About Bioenergy Europe's Statistical Report 2018 You can read here.

UABio prepared some facts about Bioenergy development in Ukraine and Europe:

- 2.3% bioenergy gives to energy balance in Ukraine in 2016
- 18% bioenergy gives to energy balance in EU in 2016
- 11.5% is planned to be gave by bioenergy in Ukraine in 2035
- 81% is part of bioenergy from all RES in Ukraine in 2016
- 6.2% of heat energy produced from biomass in Ukraine in 2016
- 13 days Ukraine can rely on bioenergy in 2018
- 43 days EU can rely on bioenergy in 2018
- 3.8 billion $ Ukraine spent on natural gas import in 2017
- In 2016 Ukraine was able to do without 3.5 billion cubic meters of imported natural gas thanks to bioenergy
- 13000 people work in bioenergy sector in Ukraine in 2016
- 1 out of 2 people working in renewables are employed in the bioenergy sector