The head of the Board of the Bioenergy association of Ukraine – Georgii Geletukha won the oscar "Stakeholder of green changes" in the framework of the "ECOtransformation-2018" project for Bioenergy association of Ukraine activity in 2018. Also the Member of UABio Auditing Committee Yurij Epshtein won oscar for activity in the bioenergy sector in Ukraine in 2018.

We sincerely rejoice with the winners and are inspired for further work in the direction of "green" transformation of the energy sector of Ukraine!

During the event there were rewarded 50 green chanhers: those who influenced the green changes during the year, overcome obstacles and found solutions for the ecological transformation of the state and business!

More about event You can read in the Project website (in Ukrainian).

Video about Bioenergy association of Ukraine (UABio) activity You can view here (in Ukrainian), here (in English) or below: