On February 08 the Agropetrol-2019 Conference was held in Kyiv. Focus of the conference: effective purchasing of gasoline, diesel fuel, propane-butane, natural gas, electricity and mineral fertilizers. Key topics: directions of development of the Ukrainian agrarian sector, financing of purchases of fuel and fertilizers, formation of fuel costs, use of LPG by farmers, changes in the market of mineral fertilizers, etc.

The head of the Board of the Bioenergy association of Ukraine (UABio) – Georgii Geletukha and the Member of UABio Auditing Committee – Yurij Epshtein were the Conference speakers.

The Georgii Geletukha presentation has been updated to February 2019 and addresses the issues: 

 - list of existing biomass CHPs/Power plants and biogas installations in Ukraine as of January 2019
 - comparison of payback periods for business projects on straw and pellets
 - dynamics of the RES development in Ukraine (according to the latest statistical data)
 - forecast of total amount of consumption, structure of solid biofuels, Renewable Heat Production and RES share in heat production in Ukraine
 - main drivers and barriers for bioenergy development
 - amounts of energy resources (natural gas, coal, biomass ..) from 2015 (existing) to 2035 (forecast), according to the Energy Strategy of Ukraine for the period up to 2035.

Also, You can view and download the presentation via the link below (in Ukrainian):

Current State and Prospects of Bioenergy Development in Ukraine. Georgii Geletukha – Head of the Board of Bioenergy Association of Ukraine. "Agropetrol-2019" Conference, February 08, 2019, Kyiv, Ukraine