We offer you cooperation within the framework of BIOPLAT-EU project: "Promoting Sustainable Use of Underutilized Lands for Bioenergy Production through a Web-Based Platform for Europe" of the European Program "Horizon 2020 – Competitive Low Carbon Energy".

Through a web-based platform (www.bioplat.eu) the BIOPLAT-EU project will promote and support the uptake of sustainable bioenergy projects on marginal, underutilized and contaminated lands (MUC lands). These lands cannot be used for food production or for recreational and conservation purposes, but in some cases, they still retain the potential to produce biomass for non-food and non-feed purposes (willow, poplar, miscanthus, etc.).

A web-based platform will include a map of areas unsuitable for agricultural production in Europe and in Ukraine and a public user-friendly tool using global information system that will assess the environmental, social and techno-economic sustainability aspects of defined value chains for bioenergy production on these lands.

In case of cooperation with the Project you will:
  • get access and support for using the web-based platform with a map of MUC lands and an online tool for assessing the sustainability aspects of defined value chains for bioenergy production on these lands. The platform will be a core source of information and utility related to this topic for stakeholders as all the existing data will be downloadable for free.
  • get the provision of technical support on aspects linked to biomass production and processing, market access, management and access to finance, etc.
  • take part in technical excursions and seminars in the framework of the Project.

If you are interested in working with the Project, we ask you to:
  • send your responsible person's contacts to the following email for inclusion in the list of stakeholders and further involvement in the Project;
  • provide information on whether in Your region there are lands that are not suitable for agricultural production (marginal, underutilized, degraded, contaminated, and also laylands and lands of land stock or reserve fund).

In the framework of the Project, potential bioenergy investment projects will be selected. For selected projects by Project experts the impact assessment, feasibility study, and financial model for funding will be developed.

Information flyer about BIOPLAT-EU project

Contact person: Oleksandra Tryboi (044) 453-28-56, 067-447-33-38, tryboi@biomass.kiev.ua

The BIOPLAT-EU project started on 1st November 2018 and will last for three years.
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement № 818083.