In 2018, Ukraine exported more than 2.3 million tons of raw biofuel in the form of firewood, wood chips, briquettes, and pellets, of which 1.2 million tons is fuel (pellets, briquettes) for a total of about 3 billion USD. Only this volume of fuel raw material is equivalent to 600 million m3 of natural gas for the purchase of which at a low price (215 dollars/thousand m3 = 5680 UAH/thousand m3, May 2019), Ukraine spent more than 3.4 billion UAH. For a similar volume of gas in January (price 8890 UAH/thousand m3), we paid 5.3 billion UAH.

Yevhen Oliynyk, Member of the UABio Board:

"Is it advisable for the country to export cheap biofuels and to import expensive natural gas themselves? Energy independence should be a priority of public policy aimed at stimulating the internal use of biofuels for energy production".
Infographics prepared on the basis of marketing research by the Scientific Engineering Center "Biomass". For reference: the Scientific Engineering Center "Biomass" is one of the co-founders and a full member of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine.

Infographics: when a 30 pages of UABio Analytics is just too much :-)