More than 280 participants from 17 countries united this year the 15th International Conference "Biomass for Energy", which took place on September 24-25, 2019 in Kyiv.

50 presentations from world and Ukrainian experts were dedicated to strategy and policy issues; bioenergy projects financing; production of heat and power from solid biofuels and municipal solid waste: technologies and successful case studies; biomass resources: production, pre-treatment, supply, and logistics; energy crops; biogas: technologies and successful case studies.

The conference is organized within the UNDP’s “Development and Commercialization of Bioenergy Technologies in the Municipal Sector in Ukraine” project, which is being implemented with support from the Global Environment Facility (GEF).

Silver Sponsor was Croatian company Đuro Đaković Termoenergetska postrojenja d.o.o.


Among the speakers

Georgiy Geletukha

Chairman of the Board of UABio, Director of SEC “BIOMASS”, Ukraine

Ukraine imports of energy carriers on 10,7 bill $/ year. In 2017 it was equal to 46% of total import in 2017. A way for Ukraine to be energy independent is bioenergy. Bioenergy is a Key Sector of Renewable Energy in Ukraine (in 2010-2017 the growth of bioenergy in Ukraine were 33%/year). Forecast for bioenergy in Ukraine – growth in more than 5 times in 2015 – 2035. Underestimated in bioenergy of Ukraine is agrobiomass; corn; energy crops (their potential is equivalent to 8.9 billion m3 of natural gas per year (for 2 million ha); shelterbelt forests and other protective forest belts; biomethane, biogas and bioethanol; municipal solid waste".

Remigijus Lapinskas

President of World Bioenergy Association, Sweden

  • Global bioenergy development
"70% of Lithuania's district heating (DH) uses biomass, and the country plans to increase its share of biomass to 85% next year. As China is a big factory for the whole world, Ukraine can become a big factory for Europe by developing its bioenergy potential".

Ulana Suprun

MD, Acting Minister of Health of Ukraine (8/2016-8/2019)

"It is very important to take care of the environment because everything that is done with ecology has an impact on human health. Striving to achieve energy independence from Russia, we need to remember about fair access to energy resources and our responsibility to the Planet".

Sergiy Savchuk

Head of State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine

  • State policy on bioenergy development in Ukraine
"More than 500 million Euros has already been invested in 2300 MW of new thermal power facilities at alternative sources. The impetus for the development of this market was developed with the participation of the State Energy Efficiency and the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine and passed by the Parliament in 2017, Law No. 1959, which introduced a legislatively stimulated tariff for "not gas" heat. The State Energy Efficiency of Ukraine cooperates with the Bioenergy Association in the direction of improving the bioenergy legislation".

Civic Union "Global 100RE Ukraine", the largest public union in Ukraine of associations, companies, experts, lobbyists and civil society united by the common purpose and ideas of Ukraine's transition to 100% renewable energy, was presented at the conference.

Venue: Premier Palace Hotel.
Presentation of the UABio Head of the Board at the "Biomass for Energy 2019" Conference You can view here.
About the presentation of the new Civic Union «Global 100RE Ukraine»
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