Ivan Traksler, director of MHP Eco Energy and the first in Ukraine 5.7 MW biogas complex in his speech at the IV Seminar of Sustainable Agribusiness Forum (SAF Ukraine) described the main points that need to be moved so that the biogas complex was successful and worked on design capacity.

According to him, in order to correctly construct and start the biogas complex (BC) from the idea to the result it is necessary to fulfill a number of prerequisites, namely: to design and construct the BC, adhering to all requirements concerning the quality of materials, insulation and technological equipment; to correctly organize the process of start-up and adjustment of the first biogas; to get the biogas to the proper quality before submission to the cogeneration unit; to bring the cogeneration unit to the design capacity and to control the main parameters of the stable functioning of the biogas complex on a daily basis.

More about MHP Eco Energy experience in the successful implementation of a biogas complex You can read in the article "Ivan Traksler: How to make biogas complex successful and working on a design capacity" by platform SAF Ukraine.

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For reference: MHP Eco Energy is a Kyiv region enterprise, which started its activity in 2012. Mainline of activity: implementation and management of energy projects. The company is part of the structure of the Mironivsky Hliboproduct (MHP) agroindustrial holding.