The Cabinet of Ministers approved a decision regarding unified gas prices for households and industry. Resolution №758 was unanimously supported by all members of the Cabinet.

According to the Resolution, the government made it mandatory since 1 May for "Naftogaz Ukraine" to sell the gas to the population at a single price 6 879 UAH per thousand m3 (with VAT, transportation costs and other expenses).

Thus Cabinet abolished the so-called "social norm" in the volume of 1 200 m3 per heating season for the price of 3 600 UAH per thousand m3, which acted in the heating season of 2015/2016 period.

Sale price of gas for heating utilities demand is also set at 6 879 UAH per thousand m3.

The price of gas as a commodity (excluding VAT and transportation) is 4 942 UAH per thousand m3.

As you know, the memorandum with the IMF envisages raising from April 1, 2016, the price of gas for the population within social norms 1 200 cubic meters. in the heating season to a level of 75% of import parity.

At this gas price for the households the implementation of projects of heat from biomass for the sector is economically viable because of the quick payback of bioenergy projects.

According to materials of "Українська правда"