User Manual for working with the BIOPLAT-EU project instrument of bioenergy projects sustainability assessment (STEN tool) is already available in Ukrainian!

The STEN tool is part of the BIOPLAT-EU Web Platform. The tool, in parallel with the Geographic Information System (GIS) maps, completes the WebGIS tool to assess the sustainability of selected bioenergy investments on marginal and underutilized lands in Europe and Ukraine. Its indicators have been created starting from the methodologies of the Global Bioenergy Partnership (GBEP)Sustainability Indicators (GSI). The tool is free and also has a Ukrainian-language interface.

Посібник користувача для роботи з Інструментом оцінки сталості біоенергетичних ланцюгів вартості проєкту BIOPLAT-EU

You can get acquainted with the WebGIS tool by following the link. You can get acquainted with the WebGIS tool by following the link.

The STEN provides for two levels of analysis. A standard level of analysis is performed by standard users where most of the analysis runs in automatic with minimal user inputs, and an Advanced level of analysis where the user can interact directly with the system modifying pre-selected values and activating and measuring additional sustainability indicators.

According to the High-Level Panel of the European Decarbonisation Pathways Initiative in the next year bioenergy will continue to play an important role in the decarbonisation of certain activities such as aviation or shipping, where currently no other decarbonisation options seem economically deployable at large scale. R&I should thus focus on finding synergies with agriculture and forestry and on removing potential trade-offs.

In this context, a constant assessment of the sustainability of the bioenergy production needs to integrate economic, social, environmental and institutional considerations. And on the basis of this principle, a tailored set of sustainability indicators can be applied by countries when planning investments in bioenergy sector. Concerted efforts to improve access to reliable, affordable, efficient and clean energy services, preferably from renewable sources, are essential for sustainable development. The goal is to foster economic growth through more efficient use of energy and wider utilization of renewable energy resources, including bioenergy. Effective choices of energy solutions that take into account national circumstances are important and can benefit from the creation and application of tools to guide decision- makers. The BIOPLAT-EU project looks at closing this gap through the provision of the Sustainability Tool for Europe and Neighbouring countries (STEN).

This manual illustrates how to carry out sustainability assessments of bioenergy investment projects using the STEN.

This manual explains, by means of a step-by-step procedure, how to: a) fill out the required information for the analysis; b) edit user’s own data in the database; c) understand the structure of the sustainability indicators and their variables; and e) interpret and understand the results of the sustainability assessments.

More information on the BIOPLAT-EU project website.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 818083.