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UABIO unites

leading companies
bioenergy experts

Civic union “Bioenergy Association of Ukraine” (UABio) was established in 2013.

Mission: to ensure fast and sustainable development of bioenergy in Ukraine.

Members: 25 companies and 15 physical persons and more than 20 experts in the field of bioenergy.


1. Bioenergy lobby through legislative activities and cooperating with government agencies in Ukraine:

  • Impact on policy documents in the energy sector of Ukraine: public and industrial programs, the Energy Strategy etc.
  • Influence on and development the state and sectoral standards and norms.
  • Influence on and development draft Laws and Laws in the energy sector of Ukraine.

2. Organizing bioenergy connected: conferences, seminars, working meetings, workshops

3. Preparation of analytical papers, articles, presentations

4. Creation of a positive image of bioenergy in society, promoting this trend in Ukraine and presenting position of the Association on key issues of bioenergy sector development.

  • Preparing monthly informational digest and sending it to base with 6000+ professional contacts
  • Maintenance of UABio web-site

5. Establishment of cooperation with European and international professional associations and organizations.

6. Participation in bioenergy projects in Ukraine and dissemination of important results of such projects.

7. Providing consulting, methodical and informational assistance to members of the Association during development of bioenergy projects.

8. Establishment of cooperation with higher education institutions, institutes of NAS of Ukraine and NAAS of Ukraine in the field of bioenergy.

9. Promoting research and development work in the field of bioenergy.

10. Annual reports on results of UABio activities

UABIO activity

What we do

  • lobby and participate in the development of legislation, state and industry standards, programme documents, energy strategies concerning sustainable bioenergy growth in Ukraine;
  • provide expert, consultative, methodical and informational assistance to the Association’s members;
  • participate in the biggest bioenergy conferences in Europe and Ukraine: EUBCE, WSED, EU4Energy, AgTech and Green Energy Forum, Biomass for Energy, SEF:Kyiv, EUEA Energy Day, SSIDD, AgroPower: Biogas, AgroEnergyDAY, Green Economy Days etc.

Your benefits

  • collaboration with government and business circles that have an impact on Ukrainian bioenergy and possibility to vote on the Association’s meetings and working groups;
  • access to all Association’s developments, insights and contacts;
  • up to date information on main bioenergy events, access to all analytics, articles, presentations from UABIO events and free participation in UABIO events.

What we do

  • analyze the bioenergy market development in Ukraine and abroad;
  • review national and international legislation in bioenergy, renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate change.

Your benefits

  • access to exclusive and proven information on world practices, experience and professional standards;
  • access to UABIO Analytics, Position Papers, Articles, and Presentations.

What we do

  • feasibility study for the construction of new and reconstruction of old CHPs, biogas plants, boiler houses and cultivation of energy crops;
  • cooperate with international professional associations and organizations.
  • cooperate with business, bioenergy experts, representatives of the public bodies, international organizations, higher educational establishments, scientific institutes.

Your benefits

  • consulting from the Association’s experts;
  • opportunity to participate as a partner in UABIO international projects;
  • expanding the range of potential partners and clients.

What we do?

  • organize public events: conferences, seminars, working meetings, workshops;
  • create a positive image of bioenergy in society through UABIO website, social networks, digest;
  • cooperate with the media.

Your benefits

  • participate in the events of the Association free of charge or on preferential terms;
  • promote your business among the energy community through UABIO website, social networks, digest and have the access to marketing programmes of the Association;
  • cooperate with loyal media as a partner of the Association.