We would like to share the general trends in the field of electricity production from RES, in particular the production of electricity from biomass and biogas.

Electricity production from RES

We publish infographics and emphasize that, for security reasons, the names of the companies and the information provided are depersonalized. With this material, we aim to demonstrate main trends in the market.

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Electricity production from biomass


  • At the beginning of 2024, the installed capacity of RES facilities was 8,773 MW.
  • Currently, more than one thousand companies work in the sector, operating more than 1,767 RES facilities/installations.
  • The total production volume of green electricity reached about 8 million MW•h.
  • The capacity of TPPs/CHPs operating on biomass has increased by 23.6 MW and is 178 MW, totaling 24 facilities/installations.
  • The annual volume of electricity production is 464 million kWh.
  • The total installed capacity of biogas complexes is 135 MW.
Electricity production from biogas

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