Joint article by Oleksandr Dombrovskyi, Chairman of the Board of the Public Association “Global 100 RE Ukraine”, Georgii Geletukha, Head of the Board of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine, and Yevhen Lukashevych, Head of the Ukrainian Technology Company (UTC), on the situation in Ukraine’s biogas sector.

In the article you can read about:

  • Why is the biogas sector in a state of “ARTIFICIAL” crisis? And what is needed for its development?
  • How will the development of biogas strengthen the energy SECURITY of Ukraine?
  • World experience and Ukrainian realities: why do we not use the huge potential that would save billions of hryvnias.
  • What is the cost of electricity from biogas and how to calculate it CORRECTLY?
  • SPECIFIC proposals on what to do so that the “National Renewable Energy Action Plan” does not end in failure.

The article is available at the link:

“Why does Ukraine need biogas?”. Oleksandr Dombrovskyi, Georgii Geletukha, Yevhen Lukashevych. May 12, 2020 (in Ukrainian).