Analysis of NCSREPU data for August by UABIO expert Yevhen Oliinyk.

Compared to the previous month, the volume of electricity production from biomass decreased by 16% to 23.6 million kWh, and from biogas – slightly increased by 1%.

Why is that? Some companies have reduced production, while others have increased significantly.

  • Ajax Dnipro LLC (16 MW, husk) increased production volumes and reached a maximum production of 10 million kWh during the last months, which corresponds to 87% of possible production.
  • AGL ENERGY LLC (Nova Vodolaga) with a capacity of 7 MW, working on sunflower husk pellets, increased production to 1.1 million kWh of “green” electricity and reached an average monthly output of 21% of the maximum.

Key figures:

  • As before, 16 companies received a “green” tariff for electricity from biomass.
  • The number of biogas companies that received a “green” tariff has increased – now there are a total of 34 companies operating 52 facilities.
  • A supplement to the “green” tariff of 10% for the use of local equipment and materials was received by three CHPs and 3 biogas plants.
  • During August 2020, the total production of electricity from RES has not changed and remain 1087 million kWh.
  • In total, more than 467 million kWh of “green” electricity was produced from biomass and biogas in 2020, which is 6.4% of the total production of electricity from renewable sources in 2020, of which solid biomass – 2.5%.

We have good news! The UABIO website now has a STATISTICS section: Here you will find up-to-date information on power generation facilities.