On February 15, the All-Ukrainian Forum “Ukraine 30. Payment” started its work. The main issues of the forum are the tariff policy for gas, water supply, heat, and electricity, as well as Ukraine’s course towards energy independence. International organizations, authoritative experts, and public figures also join the discussion. The event will last until February 17. UABIO Head of the Board Georgii Geletukha took part on the first day of the forum.

Topics of the event

  • Prospects for abandoning traditional energy sources. 
  • Nuclear energy, coal-fired power plants: state and prospects in Ukraine. 
  • Development of alternative energy sources in Ukraine. 
  • The difference between the cost of traditional and alternative energy tariffs.

Main theses of Georgii Geletukha

  • If we look at all the energy sector of Ukraine since independence, the state has not actually built a single new block of traditional generation. We exploit only what is left of Soviet times.
  • Today there is no clear position of the Government of Ukraine concerning the direction we are developing our energy sector.
  • There is a myth that renewable energy is expensive. Why? Because electricity from an existing spent coal-fired power plant (that does not meet environmental requirements and is fully depreciated, to which a subsidy of up to UAH 5 billion is sent each year) is compared to electricity from a new solar, wind or biomass plant . We can’t compare the old with the new. This is methodologically incorrect.
  • What should the state do, in my opinion? We need to really look at the accidents on these units, the schedule of their decommissioning, adopt a clear strategy until 2050 and give investors the opportunity to enter the market. 
  • They ask, where is the money? We pay $ 17 billion annually for imported energy resources. Let’s spend these funds here, not send them abroad.
  • In the period 2035-2040, almost all coal units, almost all nuclear units must be decommissioned. What and when will we build in return?
  • The market is imperfect — supposedly competition, but in each segment there is a limit on top — price cap. And under the existing price caps, which are installed, no investor will go and build any new capacity.
  • Someone wants to catch up a little more at these super-low prices. Well, we will last another 4-5 years … But the longer we last on the cheap, the greater the price increase will be later.
  • The “green” tariff is coming to the end — it is no longer possible to build new large solar, wind, biomass stations. Only auctions. But auctions do not start. How can renewable energy be developed if one path is closed and the other is not opened? The introduction of auctions has been postponed for a year and a half.
  • If we count in money, it is cheaper to build new renewables. It is more economically profitable.
  • The first auctions for renewables have to take place this year. If this does not happen, there will be no new RES capacity. This is an absolutely obvious fact for me.

Source: All-Ukrainian Forum “Ukraine 30. Payment”. Day 1 (full video) (in Ukrainian).