The present state of the district heating system in Ukraine is presented. Necessity of long-term planning in the heat supply sector is analyzed. Recommendations for the implementation of such planning in Ukraine at the national and regional levels are presented.

The purpose of the work is to develop recommendations for the implementation of long-term planning in Ukraine’s heat supply sector. The tasks of the work consist in a review of European experience in this fild, analysis of the relevant Ukrainian legislation, and determining directions for its improvement. The methods of research include the study of literary, statistical and other data, analysis of regulatory acts.

It is shown that lately there have been stable negative trends in the district heating (DH) sector of Ukraine, while the state policy in this area is now uncertain. At present, in the country there are virtually no national and regional strategic documents that contribute to the long-term planning of district heating. The working Concept of implementation of the state policy in the fild of heat supply has a number of shortcomings and cannot be a suffient basis for the implementation of planning at the national level. City heat supply schemes, which are the only regional-level document in the fild of heat supply, are not binding for realization and do not take into account the targets of relevant national-level documents. Normative legal acts of Ukraine that regulate relations in the fild of heat supply, require considerable revision and introduction of the norms that establish the procedure for the implementation of long-term planning in the DH sector. It is advisable to keep district heating in Ukraine and develop effient DH systems with the aim to provide the population of the country with reliable and high-quality heat supply. The fist steps in this direction should include the development of the Heat Supply Strategy by 2035, implementation of the zoning principle while developing heat supply schemes and making the schemes mandatory for implementation. In addition, it is necessary to ensure the consistency of the target indicators included in the regional (city) heat supply schemes with the corresponding national targets.

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Problems and prospects of long-term planning in the heat supply sector of Ukraine. Geletukha G.G., Zheliezna T.A., Bashtovyi A.I. Journal “Thermophysics and Thermal Power Engineering”, 2019, vol. 41, №2, p. (72-77) (in Ukrainian).