This boiler can increasingly accept both damp and dry straw and still ensure smooth operation. The boiler was created by Verdo. We tell in more detail.

District heating in the Auning, Danish town, is provided by a biomass boiler house, which has a modern 12 MW straw plant with a maximum flow temperature of 110 ° C and a return temperature of 40 ° C. The facility was commissioned at the end of 2019.

The new straw-fired plant at Auning district heating facility is fully integrated with two existing production units:

  • a wood pellet-fired boiler,
  • a reserve straw-fired boiler.

New boiler design accepts straw of varying quality. In recent years, the market for straw has been characterised by poorer-quality straw than previously, which presents challenges for straw-fired boilers.

The plant in Auning has also been prepared for a second boiler, while the fuel storage can be doubled, which was not the case with the existing boiler system. Moreover, the plant is future-proofed with scope for expansion and change of the chosen fuel source.

Source: Verdo.