Period: 02/2019 - 06/2020
Financing: EBRD

On the initiative and support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in the framework of the EBRD’s FINTECC (Finance and Technology Transfer Centre for Climate Change) programme, a platform for sustainable agribusiness SAF Ukraine (Sustainable Agribusiness Forum) was created.

Goal of the Platform SAF Ukraine: to support the sustainable development of agribusiness in Ukraine.

During SAF Ukraine it is planning to:

  • implement market studies to analyze technology, regulatory, and knowledge barriers and gaps in climate technologies in Ukraine;
  • support development of a partnership, knowledge sharing and marketing activities for the agriwastes-to-energy supply chain. This activity will be conducted through delivering capacity building seminars/trainings for the agricultural sector, developing the collaborative network of market players and equip them with necessary information and communication tools, conducting study tour and disseminating success stories and case studies through website

The Bioenergy Association of Ukraine is a partner of the platform SAF (Sustainable Agribusiness Forum).

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What is FINTECC?

The programme helps companies in participating EBRD countries to implement ‘climate technologies’. These include technologies for energy efficiency, renewable energy, water efficiency and materials efficiency. Climate technologies reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and/or lead to increased climate resilience.

Bank offers incentive grants for introducing eligible technologies, which are available as a complement to EBRD financing. It also organizes technical support, provided by the EBRD and international consultants. To assist climate technology transfer within each region, EBRD offers support to participating governments. It helps them to improve policy environments and legislative frameworks, further enabling organizations in their regions to adopt a wide range of climate technologies.

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