geletukha cebc2017Head of the Board of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine Georgiy Geletukha took part in the 5th Central European Biomass Conference, on the 18th to 20th in Graz, Austria.

The Conference gathered more than 1000 participants, and Programme contained 156 speeches within such conference events as Pellet Day, Biogas Day, World Bioenergy Day, BIOENERGY 2020+ Day and excursions to bioenergy facilities.

The 5th Central European Biomass Conference focused its efforts for 2017 particularly on the following aspects:

  • Sustainability at regional and national scale and sustainability considerations for different value chains;
  • Biomass-combustion-based grids and hybrid systems and lowest-emission biomass combustion systems;
  • Advanced technologies for the realization of a biobased economy;
  • Policies, markets, and consumer attitudes;
  • Heat and electricity from biomass;
  • Fuel characterization and quality assurance.

Presentation of Georgiy Geletukha at the 2nd Central European Pellet Day: "Analysis of Ukrainian biomass pellets market"
Presentation of Georgiy Geletukha at World Bioenergy Day: "Development and prospects of bioenergy in Ukraine"

kingdom of the nl

Ukraine is facing major energy challenges and biomass as a resource could substantially contribute to the supply of heat, power and fuels. Since 2014 the Netherlands has been supporting Ukraine in revealing the full potential of reliable and high-quality biobased energy production through "Dutch-Ukrainian Seminar on Bioenergy Cooperation". This year the seminar took place on the 21st of September in Kiev within the 12th “Biomass for Energy” Conference in Ukraine. It was organized jointly by the Dutch consortium "Partners in International Business - Biobased Energy Ukraine" and Scientific engineering center “Biomass” with the support of the Netherlands Embassy in Ukraine and the Bioenergy association of Ukraine. The focus of this year seminar was on use of biomass in district heating of municipalities of Ukraine. Besides the Dutch companies, the seminar attracted Ukrainian representatives of state and local authorities, DH companies, commercial companies, bioenergy and energy efficiency associations, consulting, research and legal institutions.

The speakers were:
  • the Director of the State Agency on Energy Efficiency for renewable and alternative energy sources and energy saving of Ukraine Mr. Dmytro Kovalenko;
  • the Agricultural Counselor of the Netherlands Embassy in Ukraine Ms. Carolien Spaans;
  • the CEO of the "Energy Efficient Cities of Ukraine" Association Mr. Andriy Kurchiv;
  • the Head of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine Mr. Georgiy Geletukha;
  • the Senior Deputy of Mirhorod city Mr. Serhii Shvaika;
    - the Senior Expert on bioenergy and bio-economy of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency Mr. Kees Kwant;
  • the Head of the UNDP project "Development and commercialization of bioenergy technologies in the municipal sector in Ukraine" Mr. Volodymyr Lyaschenko;
  • the Director of the International sales department in Ukraine of KARA Energy Systems B.V. Mr. Willy Bijen;
  • the Senior Research Specialist on bioenergy at Wageningen University, the Netherlands, Mr. Wolter Elbersen;
  • the General Director of BTG-BTL and Empyro plant in the Netherlands Mr. Gerhard Muggen;
  • the Coordinator for Partners in International Business - Biobased Energy Ukraine, Mr. Willem Maaskant.

The presentation session included Dutch experience in biomass-based heating, overview of bioenergy in industry and municipalities in the Netherlands, issues of sustainable production of biomass as well as the fast pyrolysis technology of wooden biomass and agricultural wastes and ESCO solutions. Participants also learned more about Dutch consortium "Partners in International Business - Biobased Energy Ukraine" and raised their awareness on the state of the art of energy efficient cities in Ukraine.

Very vital topic for bioenergy development in municipal sector was raised by the Head of UABIO Georgii Geletukha, who presented a new model for the competitive heat market in Ukraine where biomass-based DH could compete with fossil fuels. Some projects and successful stories of biomass-based heating in Ukraine, shown by the Head of the UNDP project "Development and commercialization of bioenergy technologies in the municipal sector in Ukraine" Mr. Volodymyr Lyaschenko and the Senior Deputy of Mirhorod city Mr. Sergiy Shvaika added more practical experience to the seminar.

On the 22nd of September, the Dutch delegation visited two bioenergy sites, where heat production from gas was substituted with biomass boilers. These were one of the leading producers of roses in Ukraine Company "Camellia" and the M.M. Gryshko National Botanic Garden. There are two biomass boilers on wood chips, 3.5 MW each, which produce heat for the green houses of the company. It allowed to reduce the share of heating costs in the production costs from 45% to less than 5%. The green houses of the National Botanic Garden are also heated from two boilers 3 MW and 1.2 MW that use wood pellets as a fuel.

Presentations of the Seminar:
1. Wim Maaskant, PIB: "Biomass from Agriculture and Forestry  as Source for Local  E nergy Eff i cient  Solutions  – Dutch technologies"
2. Willy Bijen, KARA Energy Systems B.V.: "Dutch technology, made in Ukraine: Heateco - powered by KARA" (in Ukrainian)
3. Andriy Kyrchiv, Association of Energy Efficient Cities of Ukraine: "Energy efficient cities in Ukraine and problems and solutions for Bioenergy" (in Ukrainian)
4. Georgiy Geletukha, UABio: "Development of bioenergy in municipal sector of Ukraine"
5. Kees Kwant, Netherlands Enterprise Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Netherlands: "Biomass Heating  in industry and municipalities  in the Netherlands"
6. Wolter Elbersen, Wageningen UR/FBR, Senior Researcher Biomass and Bioenergy: "Regional biomass supply chains in  Ukraine"
7. Gerard Muggen, BTG-BTL/Empyro: "Pyrolysis  for Valorisation of Biomass in Ukraine"
8. Wim Maaskant / Andrej Yefimov, PIB: "ESCO solutions for financing and operation of local heating systems in Ukraine"
9. Volodymyr Lyashchenko, Project Manager of UNDP Project "Development and Commercialization of Bioenergy Technologies in the Municipal Sector of Ukraine": "Prospects and challenges for biomass use in municipal heating and hot water supply in Ukraine"
10. Sergii Shvaika, first deputy of Myrgorod mayor: "Experience of Myrgorod (Poltava oblast) in biomass based heat supply"
11. Jacques Bazen, Saxion University of Applied Science: International cooperation
12. Jacques Bazen, Saxion University of Applied Science: Building a business model
Wim Maaskant

energy crops 2016 2

Bioenergy Association of Ukraine was the co-organizer of the seminar "Prospects for energy crops in Ukraine", which on June 30 was held by the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine (SAEE) jointly with the Kyiv Regional State Administration, LLC "Ukrteplo" and UkrNDIPVT named after L.Pohorilyi. The seminar was attended by over 80 participants from all over Ukraine and from Poland. The seminar was aimed at raising awareness of local authorities and community development, as well as attracting businesses to create new renewable energy sources in the form of perennial plantations of energy crops.

The seminar consisted of theoretical and practical parts and was held at the site of UkrNDIPVT named after L.Pohorilyi of NAAS of Ukraine. The seminar was opened by an advisor of the Head of SAEE Sergiy Savchuk and Chairman of the Board of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine Georgiy Geletukha. In his speech, Georgiy Geletukha reminded the considerable potential of biomass in Ukraine, which is 29.8 million TCE. One-third of this potential by conservative estimate belongs to bioenergy crops that can be grown on unused agricultural land of poor quality, which in Ukraine is about 4 million ha. When growing energy crops on 1 million hectares with average yields of 11.5 million tons / year Ukraine can potentially replace up to 5.5 billion m3 of natural gas per year.

Presentations of the speakers (in Ukrainian)
  1. "Stimulation of natural gas substitution" — Yuriy Shafarenko, Head of the Department of SAEE
  2. "Development and Prospects of Bioenergy in Ukraine" — Georgiy Geletukha, Head of the Board of Bioenergy association of Ukraine
  3. "Experience of growing energy crops" — Iryna Gnap, Director of Agro-energy company "Salix Energy"
  4. "Energy crops in the Netherlands and Ukraine" — Kees Kwant, Senior Expert, Netherlands Enterprise Agency, Netherlands
  5. "Practical experience of the use of energy crops "- Ivan Nadein, founder of group of companies" Ukrteplo "

gbep 300x198Head of the Board of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine Georgiy Geletukha took part in 4th Bioenergy Week, held by Global Bioenergy Partnership (GBEP), June 21&24, 2016 in Budapest, Hungary. Georgiy Geletukha moderated the session "BIOGAS OPPORTUNITIES - Exchange of experiences and opportunities of biogas and biomethane developments in the region." In his speech, Chairman of the UABio told about the biogas experience in Ukraine.


Summary of the event
Presentation of Georgiy Geletukha "Biogas experience in Ukraine"

fao rea

Public organization «Renewable Energy Agency» together with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) organized on July 5-6, 2016 the seminar "Environmental, social and economic assessment of bioenergy projects using BEFS OLT (agricultural residues)". The seminar was attended by about 60 participants, including existing and potential owners of bioenergy projects, representatives of funding organizations, research institutions and consulting companies.

The Bioenergy and Food Security Operator Level Tool (BEFS OLT) (agricultural residues) was developed within the project “Supporting Public and Private Sector Capacities in Sustainable Agricultural and Bioenergy Investments”, under the collaborative agreement between the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (UN FAO) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

The main purpose of the BEFS OLT (agricultural residues) tool is initial screening of bioenergy projects as to assess their environmental, social and economic performance. Hence, the assessment results provide an indication of the projects’ strengths and weaknesses and support decision making about further developments.

All participants ran an initial assessment using BEFS OTL agricultural residues tool to get an indication about environmental and social performance of the project for the following agricultural residues value chains:

  1. Crop residue value chain.
  2. Livestock residue value chain
Seminar programme

Presentaions of the seminar (in Ukrainian) are available at REA's website

geletukha nordic baltic bioenergy conference 2016Chairman of the Board of Bioenergy Association of Ukraine Georgiy Geletukha participated in the Nordic Baltic Bioenergy Conference, held 19-21 April 2016 in Vilnius, Latvia. In his first speech, Georgiy Geletukha as Advisor of the Head of State Agency of Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving spoke about the opportunities and prospects of energy efficiency and renewable energy in Ukraine. Also, as Chairman of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine, Georgiy Geletukha told about the development and prospects of bioenergy in Ukraine.

Presentation of Nordic Baltic Bioenergy Conference
Presentation of Georgiy Geletukha - Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy: Status, Opportunities and Perspectives in Ukraine
Presentation of Georgiy Geletukha - Development and Prospects of Bioenergy in Ukraine

April 20, 2016, Bioenergy Association of Ukraine jointly with an organizer of the National Specialized Trade Show and Forum "Independent Heat&Power Engineering" company Euroindex will hold a Conference "Substitution of natural gas: solutions for municipal and commercial facilities".

Time and Location:

10:00 - 17:00, Conference Hall No 4, KyivExpoPlaza venue (2B, Salyunta st., Nyvky metro station).

Conditions of participation:

Entrance to the exhibition is carried out only by badges. For a badge, you need to register on the official website. Also, you can receive a badge at the reception of the Exhibition, having shown this Invitation.

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Bioenergy4Business is a project funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union. Bioenergy4Business involves partners from twelve EU Member States and Ukraine. 

The Horizon 2020 project Bioenergy4Business (B4B) aims at supporting and promoting the (partial) substitution of fossil fuels (such as coal, oil, gas) used for heating with available bioenergy sources (such as by-products of the wood-based industry, forest biomass, pellets, straw and other agricultural biomass products) in the project partners’ countries and beyond. 

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28 жовтня 2015 року Біоенергетична асоціація України провела семінар з біогазових технологій в рамках ділової програми 6-ї Міжнародної виставки тваринництва та птахівництва «Animal Farming Ukraine» у Києві.

Серед учасників семінару були присутні постачальники обладнання для біогазових станцій, проектувальні та будівельні організації, а також зацікавлені компанії, що планують будівництво біогазових станцій.

Seminar Presentations

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 Seminar on Bioenergy Cooperation Ukraine – Netherlands was held on September 23, 2015 within the framework of the 11th International Conference on "Biomass for energy." The goal of the seminar was to make contribution to Clean, Efficient Bioenergy implementation in Ukraine, development of joint projects.

Ukraine is facing major energy challenges and biomass as a resource could substantially contribute to the supply of heat, power and fuels. Dutch companies have experience in development of bioenergy in all forms; Anaerobic Digestion, Combustion, Co-firing, Energy from Waste, Biofuel production and biobased economy both from the research and industrial point of view. This Seminar will focus on exploring cooperation possibilities to develop jointly projects in the area of bioenergy.

Presentations of Speakers:

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