The implementation of each renewable energy project is preceded by the planning and structuring of business, contracts and relationships with project participants. With proper planning, you can optimize the payment of taxes, as well as get exemption from certain taxes. Therefore, when implementing renewable energy projects, it is important to pay attention to tax and customs issues.

Sayenko Kharenko invites you to take part in the event to share experiences on tax and customs issues in the implementation of projects using renewable energy sources (RES). The workshop will cover the key problems of structuring contracts for renewable energy projects, exemption from import VAT for equipment, and reimbursement of VAT for such projects. You will get acquainted with the best practice in structuring renewable energy projects taking into account recent changes in tax and customs legislation.


  • Ukrainian Wind Energy Association
  • Bioenergy Association of Ukraine
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What is it?
This is an ecological project about achievements, changes, and results!
After the adoption of the draft law "On Strategic Environmental Assessment", according to which, in the course of developing future state, local or sectoral programs, probable negative consequences for the environment and human health will be taken into account, ECOtransformation-2019 is especially relevant.

The purpose of the project is to search ecologically responsible enterprises and organizations, to promote information and public support to participating companies, and to implement a large-scale PR year-long campaign.

"ECOtransformation-2019" – a project to make a step to Oscar in the field of ECO!


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Head of the Board of Bioenergy Association of Ukraine, Georgiy Geletukha, spoke at the Ukrainian-American seminar "Open Burning in a National, Regional and Global Context", which took place on March 7 in Kyiv within the 2-day event "Reducing Open Agricultural Burning in Ukraine: Soil, Air Quality, and Public Health Paths for European Integration held in Kharkiv and Kyiv. In his report, the head of the UABio told about the significant potential of agro residues, such as straw and corn stalks, which could be used to produce energy instead of open burning in the fields. Investment projects on straw baling, producing and selling of straw pellets, production of heat and power from agro residues are interesting for business. Georgiy Geletukha told about the required investments in such projects and their payback (slide 11 of the presentation).

Ukraine is made up of over 50% cropland area. Although open burning is banned, Ukraine has one of the highest numbers of detected fires in Europe and the surrounding countries. Burning before corn planting in the spring and after the wheat harvest in the fall is a culturally ingrained process. ICCI’s aim for this event was to help educate farmers on the benefits of no-burn and no-till agriculture while also facilitating connections between various stakeholders. A number of representatives from various waste-to-energy companies were in attendance in Kiev and showed interest in utilizing the excess agricultural residue after observing how much energy is being lost via open burning.

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On February 12, 2019, the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine (UABio) held an open general meeting that gathered more than 50 participants in the bioenergy sector. The session was opened by the people's deputy of Ukraine Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Fuel and Energy Complex, Nuclear Policy and Nuclear Safety Oleksandr Dombrovsky and Head of the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine Sergiy Savchuk.

Within the framework of the meeting, the Chairman of the Bioenergy Association Georgii Geletukha presented the UABio report for 2018, and UABio plans for 2019, as well as the draft Law of Ukraine on the introduction of competition in heat supply systems. Lawyer of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine Anna Pastukh presented the draft Law of Ukraine on the system of electronic trading of solid biofuels.

Full Report "Results of UABio activities in 2018" (in English) is available here.

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On February 08 the Agropetrol-2019 Conference was held in Kyiv. Focus of the conference: effective purchasing of gasoline, diesel fuel, propane-butane, natural gas, electricity and mineral fertilizers. Key topics: directions of development of the Ukrainian agrarian sector, financing of purchases of fuel and fertilizers, formation of fuel costs, use of LPG by farmers, changes in the market of mineral fertilizers, etc.

The head of the Board of the Bioenergy association of Ukraine (UABio) – Georgii Geletukha and the Member of UABio Auditing Committee – Yurij Epshtein were the Conference speakers.

The Georgii Geletukha presentation has been updated to February 2019 and addresses the issues: 

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For the second time in Kyiv, there was a Renewable Energy & Power Infrastructure Investment Conference "RENPOWER Ukraine 2019".

Conference concerns the current state of the market of RES in Ukraine: the necessary legislative changes, investing questions and issues of the development of the market for electricity generation.

The Chairman of the Board of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine Georgii Geletukha was a speaker at the conference and traditionally presented bioenergy sector development in Ukraine: current state, drivers and barriers, in the presentation "Bioenergy Development in Ukraine".

The presentation has been updated to January 2019 and addresses the issues: 

 - list of existing biomass CHPs/Power plants and biogas installations in Ukraine as of January 2019
 - comparison of payback periods for business projects on straw and pellets
 - dynamics of the RES development in Ukraine (according to the latest statistical data)
 - forecast of total amount of consumption, structure of solid biofuels, Renewable Heat Production and RES share in heat production in Ukraine
 - main drivers and barriers for bioenergy development
 - amounts of energy resources (natural gas, coal, biomass ..) from 2015 (existing) to 2035 (forecast), according to the Energy Strategy of Ukraine for the period up to 2035.

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Head of the Board of Bioenergy Association of Ukraine Georgii Geletukha and UABio expert Petro Kucheruk, along with consultant of Scientific Engineering Centre "Biomass" Oleksandra Tryboi (UABio member) took part at the 2nd annual conference in frames of Ukrainian Agrarian Week AgroPower.BIOGAS, February 7, 2019 in Kyiv.

Georgii Geletukha in his presentation, in particular, told about the possibilities of using biogas energy in the coming years, including the prospects of using straw and stems of maize as a feedstock for biogas plants (probably in the form of pellets), as well as about new possibilities for the biogas plants in the market of balancing capacities, which should start working in Ukraine from July 2019.

You can see the presentations of UABio experts below:

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Duration: 01 January 2019 – 31 December 2021

Financing: European Union's H2020-LCE research and innovation programme under grant agreement №818369.

Main objective: to produce a mass deployment of improved and market ready agrobiomass heating solutions running on agrobiomass in Europe.

Agrobiomass is a large, underexploited and indigenous resource, which can support the achievement of the European Energy and Climate targets, while promoting rural development and circular economy.

Through its activities, AgroBioHeat aims to raise confidence on agrobiomass, empower local stakeholders to unblock the market and influence the development of the European and national framework in a way that is favourable to agrobiomass heating solutions market uptake. Actions will be mainly located in 6 European countries (EL, ES, FR, RO, HR and UA; 5 EU-28+Ukraine) where an extensive national movement is intended to be created by the engagement, alignment of interests and creation of policy, financial and social conditions favouring the expansion of agrobiomass heating; at the EU level, specific policy recommendations regarding the efficiency and emissions of agrobiomass heating solutions will be passed on to relevant bodies for the development of new regulations.

To reach the project’s main aim, the following eight specific objectives are proposed:
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Duration: 01 November 2018 – 31 October 2021

Financing: European Union's H2020-LCE research and innovation programme under grant agreement №818083

Overall objective: to promote the market uptake of sustainable bioenergy in Europe using marginal, underutilized, and contaminated lands (MUC) for non-food biomass production through the provision of a web-based platform that serves as decision support tool.

Target countries which will be mapped: EU member states and Neighbouring countries (including Ukraine).

Scientific Engineering Centre "Biomass" (SECB) is one of the BIOPLAT-EU participants. SECB is co-founder and has been a Full Member of Bioenergy Association of Ukraine for 6 years.

Follow BIOPLAT-EU Project through the official BIOPLAT-EU project website and SEC "Biomass" website.

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Ecotransformation-oscar-2018Date: December 17, 2018.
Time: 10.00–17.00
Venue: Premier Palace Hotel, 5-7/29 T. Shevchenka Blvd/Pushkinska Str., Kyiv, Ukraine
Organizer: «Ecology of the enterprise» project.

For the first time in Ukraine "Ekotransformation-2018" awards will be presented for achievements in the field of environmental safety! Those who influenced the green changes during the year, overcome obstacles and found solutions for the ecological transformation of the state and business will be rewarded!

The awarding of Eco-Oscar will take place within the framework of the Business Forum "ECOtransformation in Ukraine. Green Changers-2018 ».

In the Business Forum and award ceremony program:

  • more than 50 performances
  • more than 300 participants
  • More than 6 hours of environmental case presentations

Among the stakeholders:

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