May 20, 2015 Bioenergy Association of Ukraine held a public meeting at which they discussed in a narrow circle of UABio members and key market players the problems of bioenergy market development in Ukraine. Participants of the meeting developed proposals to solve the pressing problems of the sector.

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On 23-24 September 2014 jubilee Tenth International Conference "Biomass for Energy", was organized by the Ukrainian Bioenergy Association, SEC "Biomass" and the Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The conference was supported by interfractional union of deputies "For the energy independence of Ukraine", has received financial support from the USAID project «Municipal energy reform in Ukraine", as well as the Finnish company Valmet. Specialized seminar "Cooperation in the field of bioenergy Ukraine - Netherlands" (24.09.2014) was supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine.

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October 18, 2013 the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine and "Euroindex" held a seminar on "Practical aspects of energy production from biomass," in the framework of exhibition «GREENEXPO | Alternative Energy», which took place on 16-18 October 2013 in the exhibition center "KievExpoPlaza" (St. Salyutna 2-B, subway station "Nyvky").

Leading experts of UABio and a number of invited experts gave lectures on the state of bioenergy in Ukraine in general and concerning the specific aspects for implementation of bioenergy technologies.

The presentations are available in the Russian sections of our site.

You are cordially invited to take part in Dutch-Ukrainian seminar on Business Opportunities in the Biobased Economy that will be held on 24 September 2013 in Kiev, Ukraine (14:00-18:00).

Location: 55, Vladimirskaya str., Kiev, Ukraine. Little Hall on the first floor.

Subject and Goal of the seminar:
Ukraine has a large potential in biomass production. Valorisation of biomass is the basis of the biobased economy. A larger economic output per hectare can be created and a more sustainable approach can be created in this biobased economy. Companies from the Netherlands are interested to develop this further and seek cooperation with Ukrainian companies and organisations.

The basis for the discussion will be the findings from several research projects funded by NL Agency. Results of these projects and business approach will be presented to kick-off the collaboration on the biobased economy with Ukraine.

Please see the Draft program by the next link.
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Dear colleagues!

You are cordially invited to participate in the 9th International Conference on “Biomass for Energy” which will be held on 24-25 September 2013 in Kiev, Ukraine.

Organized by:

  • Bioenergy Association of Ukraine
  • Institute of Engineering Thermophysics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
  • Scientific Engineering Centre “BIOMASS”


  1. Biomass resources: Availability and cost of resources; technical and logistical issues; environmental impact. Production, pretreatment, supply and logistics of feedstock from conventional agriculture, forestry, , animal residues, processing industry and biodegradable fraction of MSW streams. Research on energy crops.
  2. Research and development of bioenergy technologies: Combustion, gasification, pyrolysis, anaerobic digestion, extraction and utilization of landfill gas, co-combustion of biomass with traditional fuels. Production of liquid biofuels (biodiesel, bioethanol).
  3. Demonstration and market implementation of biomass-to-energy technologies.
  4. Strategy and policy issues: International, national, regional and local policies and strategies. Sustainability criteria and certification issues.
  5. Economic and environmental issues of bioenergy technologies: Financing of bioenergy projects, socio-economic impact, reduction of CO2 emission.

Deadline for receipt of abstracts: 31 July 2013


Dr Tetiana T. Suprun
9th International Conference on "Biomass for Energy"
24-25 September 2013, Kyiv, Ukraine
Tel./Fax: +380 44 453 2856
Fax: +380 44 456 9462

 First announcement and Call for Papers.pdf

 Programme of the conference

 More details

28th November, 2012, Kyiv, Chairman of the Board of Bioenergy Association of Ukraine, Georgy Geletukha participated in a press conference held in the premises of online newspaper "Obozrevatel" and devoted to the topic: "Renewable Energy in Ukraine: why the law deserves a veto". The press conference was also attended by Andrey Konechenkov (Chairman of the Board of Ukrainian Wind Energy Association) and Vitaly Daviy (Chairman of Association of Alternative Fuel and Energy Market of Ukraine, member of the Board of bioenergy association of Ukraine).

This press conference was devoted to the Law "On Amendments to the Law" On Electric Power Industry" (on the promotion of electricity from alternative energy sources)" adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in the second reading on November 20th, 2012. This decision of the Parliament caused concern among experts working in the field of renewable energy.

Articles on the results of the press conference and corresponding vidoes may be retried from "Obozrevatel" web-site.

November 22, 2012, Kiev, Bioenergy Association of Ukraine jointly with the German Biogas Association Biogasrat + eV, the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency (EUEA) and the law firm "Arzinger" held a conference "Biogas — a chance for the energy independence of Ukraine's European integration."

The purpose of this event was to address the potential prospects, barriers, practical aspects to promote biogas technology in Ukraine to improve energy independence of Ukraine's European integration.

The conference program is available on our website.

Presentations of the participants may be retrieved via links below:

  1. Биогаз и биометан - возобновляемые источники энергии будущего! Райнхард Шультц, Руководитель ассоциации Biogasrat+ e.V.
  2. Стан та перспективи виробництва біогазу в Україні. Міністерство аграрної політики та продовольства України.
  3. Биоэнергетика в Украине: барьеры для развития и пути их преодоления. Гелетуха Г.Г., Глава правления, Биоэнергетическая ассоциация Украины.
  4. Обзор биогазовых проектов в Украине и перспективы их развития. Юрий Матвеев, член Правления, Биоэнергетическая ассоциация Украины.
  5. Энергия биогаза цели и стратегия реализации проекта. Ростиcлав Марайкин, Государственное агентство инвестиций и управления национальными проектами Украины.
  6. Biogasanlagen aus Edelstahl. Cord Hansen, WELTEC BIOPOWER GmbH.
  7. Feedstock Management and Biomethane Production. Christian B?se, E.ON Bioerdgas GmbH.
  8. Multitalent biogas – a chance for Ukraine and their european integration. Adam B?rger, BTS Energy Group.
  9. Биометан на пути к Европе. Шансы для Украины. Марина Ильчук, Arzinger.
  10. Crossing borders with biomethane. Jeni Fulton, Biogasrat+ e.V.
  11. Біогазові установки під українські реалії. Впровадження на базі агро-холдингу Ukrlandfarming. Дмитерко Володимир, головний інженер з енергозбереження, STC Investments.
  12. Practical legal aspects of implementation of biogas projects under “green” tariff. Maksym Sysoiev, Senior Lawer, Danevych Law Firm.

Photos taken during the conference are available in the Photo and video section of the web-site.

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