uabioconf enAnnually, starting from 2002, the international conference "Biomass for Energy" brings together experts and sector players to exchange experiences and find solutions to pressing problems in the development of bioenergy in Ukraine. The circle of participants annually includes about 200 people, including traditionally commercial organizations, industrial companies, scientific institutions, government bodies, funding organizations, public organizations, law firms and the media.

"Biomass for Energy" is a platform for dialogue between Business and Business (B2B) and Business and Government (B2G), the advantage of sponsorship is the opportunity to declare your company as a key player in the bioenergy sector and to represent your brand qualitatively.


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Interview of Head of the Board of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine Georgiy Geletukha in studio of ONLINE.UA on "How to establish cooperation between business, government, science in Ukraine". This is the first interview from a series of interviews with famous figures of science and business of the agroindustrial sector of Ukraine on the current state of the Ukrainian agri-food market and their vision of its possible development (in Ukrainian).

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Company "Siemens Ukraine" has joined the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine!

DP "Siemens Ukraine" (with 100% foreign investment) - one of Ukraine's leading technology companies, founded in 1997. Siemens Ukraine is a subsidiary of Siemens AG, an international concern, with more than 165 years of innovation experience. Concern works in more than 200 countries and is one of the world's largest producers of energy-efficient and resource-saving technologies. Siemens leads the construction of offshore wind turbines and is the leading supplier of combined cycle turbines for power generation, as well as power transmission solutions, infrastructure, and automation solutions, as well as drives and software solutions for the industry.

"Siemens Ukraine" is a leading supplier of industry, energy, transport, medicine, building automation, and urban infrastructure solutions. The central office is located in Kiev. Regional branches operate in Lviv, Odesa, Dnipro, Kryvy Rig and Mariupol. In total the company employs 160 people.

Quality Management System of DP “Siemens Ukraine” is certified according to the international standard ISO 9001:2008.

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bioenergy day 12 april 201712 April 2017, Bioenergy Association of Ukraine along with company "EuroIndex" and officially supported by the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine will hold a seminar-discussion "Bioenergy Day" in frames of the 2nd day of the IV National Specialized Trade Show and Forum "Independent Heat&Power Engineering". The event was attended by around 50 participants, including representatives of cities and utility companies, ESCOs and energy companies, biofuel producers and scientists.

Speakers of the event will participate in three discussions on the following topics:

  • Discussion 1: Prospects for creation of a competitive heat market in Ukraine;
  • Discussion 2: Prospects for the creation of a competitive biofuels exchange in Ukraine;
  • Discussion 3: Experience in the development of bioenergy in the EU.
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verkhovna radaOn  11 April 2017 the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed Draft Law №4334 "On amendments to the Law of Ukraine "On heat supply" on stimulation of heat energy production from alternative energy sources". It is reported by the website of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine that the Law returned with the signature of the President. According to the text of the Law, it shall enter into force on the day following the date of its publication (i. e. 15 April, 2017).

It should be reminded that on 21 March 2017 Verhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted Draft Law 4334 "On stimulation of heat energy production from RES", designed with the participation of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine. 238 deputies of Ukraine voted for this decision.

Reed more about positive effects of Law on stimulation of heat energy production from RES.

Bioenergy association of Ukraine appealed to the Vice-prime minister Gennadiy Zubko concerning project of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Resolution "On Amendments to the Procedure of heat tariffs formation and delivery services of district heating and hot water", that will amend the appropriate Procedure approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on June 1, 2011 № 869. Generally UABio supports the expansion of the Procedure on tariffs formation for heat energy produced with alternative energy sources usage. But UABio pays attention to the following:

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nkrekpThe National Commission for state regulation in the energy and utilities (NKREKP) answered to UABio letter to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko about unreasonably high tariff for RES power plants connection to electricity grids.

In the NKREKP letter stated that "It was recommended to NKREKP to develop the Methodology of payment calculation for consumers connection with permitted capacity from 150 kW to 5000 kW".

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wba lapinskas co chairman uabioconf 2017 enInternational Conference "BIOMASS FOR ENERGY 2017" received support from World Bioenergy Association (WBA) and confirmation from the President of WBA Remigijus Lapinskas to become a Co-Chairman of the Conference.

World Bioenergy Association (WBA) is the global organization dedicated to supporting and representing the wide range of actors in the bioenergy sector. Our members include bioenergy associations, institutions, companies and individuals.

Mission of WBA: Promote the increasing utilization of bioenergy globally in an efficient and sustainable way and to support the business environment for bioenergy.

Conference website:
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anna pastukh phd  

On March 29, 2017 UABio secretary Anna Pastukh defended PhD thesis on the topic "Legal regulation of the cultivation and processing of agricultural raw materials for biofuel production".

We congratulate our colleague with the successful defense and wish inspiration in further work for improving Ukrainian legislation in the field of bioenergy!

biofuels exchange uabio

At present, the market of biomass for energy is underdeveloped in Ukraine. That has a negative influence on implementing new bioenergy projects and therefore on involving biomass into energy balance of the country. In particular, now there are no dedicated trade platforms such as exchange or auction for the wood fuel intended for bioenergy installations that makes it difficult to arrange stable procurement. Uncertain situation has formed regarding the market of agro-biomass for energy. There are no dedicated trade platforms for selling and purchasing baled straw, maize stalks and other types of biomass of agricultural origin. It is obvious that Ukrainian biofuel market urgently needs the development and reorganization.

Position Paper N 18 by the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine covers issues related to the creation of the competitive biofuel market in Ukraine. The Paper includes consideration of the rules for unprocessed wood trade auctions in Ukraine and analysis of European biomass exchange practice. A prospective model for establishing biofuel exchange in Ukraine is suggested.

The Paper is available in: