We are pleased to announce the accession of a new UABio member - an individual: Galchynska Julia Mykolajivna, Ph.D., associate professor of the Marketing and International Trade Department of FAculty of Agricultural Management at the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine (NUBIP). She is currently working on a doctoral dissertation in the area of bioeconomy and bioenergy. Member of the Ukrainian Marketing Association (UAM).


Today the largest international players in the field of renewable energy consider Ukraine as the most attractive European market among the developing economies.

Such conclusions were made based on the results of the 9th International Sustainable Energy Forum and Exhibition of Eastern Europe SEF-2017 Kyiv, which took place on October 9-11 in Kyiv.

Chairman of the Board of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine Georgii Geletukha has participated in the Forum and Exhibition SEF-2017 Kyiv and was leading the bioenergy section. His presentation you can find here.

In particular, in the first half of 2017, the total capacity of renewable energy facilities increased in Ukraine by 183 MW and exceeded 1.46 GW. It is estimated that by the end of the year, this figure may exceed 1.52 GW.

The 9th International Sustainable Energy Forum and Exhibition of Eastern Europe SEF-2017 Kyiv was held on October 9-11 in Kyiv at “Parkovy” Congress and Exhibition center. 440 delegates and 58 exhibitors from 32 countries became participants of the industry event. The organizer of SEF-2017 KYIV is Innovative Business Centre (IB Center).

Program and more information about the International Forum and Exhibition SEF-2017 Kyiv you can find on the website www.2017.sefkyiv.com.

sef-2017 sef-2017

Field trip of FORBIO workshopOn September 21, 2017, within the framework of the FORBIO project, an excursion to the site of growing energy willow of the company "UkrAgroEnergo" took place. Plantation area is operated by Ukragroenergo LLC, subsidiary of Ukrteplo group of companies, which implements energy efficiency projects on fossil fuels substitution by such local fuels as wood pellets, briquettes, chips, straw etc. Ukrteplo has replaced more than 50 million cubic meters of natural gas in 16 regions of Ukraine, and converted to solid fuel approximately 100 boiler-houses.


The mother plantations of willow are located at the area of 50 ha in Ivankiv region and were set in 2016 on the lands, which were abandoned 15 years ago, because of unsatisfying soil conditions (sandy, sandy loam soils) and bad economic conditions in the region.

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Семінар проекту FORBIO On September 20-21, in the framework of the International Conference "BIOMASS FOR ENERGY 2017", the FORBIO workshop "Prospects of sustainable feedstock production for advanced biofuels in Ukraine" was held.

International project «FORBIO - Fostering sustainable feedstock production for advanced biofuels on underutilised land in Europe» is aimed at showing the viability of using land in the EU Member States for sustainable bioenergy feedstock production that does not affect the supply of food and feed, in addition to not interfering with land currently used for recreational and/or conservation purposes. Project activities and outputs set the basis for building up and strengthening local bioenergy value chains that are competitive and that meet the highest sustainability standards, thus contributing to the market uptake of sustainable bioenergy in the EU. (Read more at www.forbio-project.eu).


 Presentations of speakers (according to Program):

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100% RES for UkraineOn September 20 2017 on the second day of the International Conference "BIOMASS FOR ENERGY 2017" a public presentation of the scenario of Ukrainian energy sector transition towards 100% of renewable energy sources by 2050 was held.

The developed for Ukraine scenarios were presented:

  • State enterprise "Institute of Economics and Forecasting of NASU" with the support of the Heinrich Böll foundation’s office in Ukraine;
  • NGO "Renewable Energy Agency" with the support of INFORSE Europe.
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Нідерландсько-український форум On September 19, the 1 st day of the International conference "BIOMASS FOR ENERGY 2017" hosted the Dutch-Ukrainian Forum "Biofuels Market in Ukraine: a Step to Energy Independence". The forum brought together about 70 participants, including representatives of agrarian companies, equipment and raw material producers, profile associations and academics. The Forum provided opportunities for bioenergy cooperation between Dutch and Ukrainian companies from the PIB Biobased Energy Ukraine consortium.

The Dutch consortium, Biobased Energy Ukraine (www.biobased-ukraine.nl) , is a public-private partnership of the Dutch renewable energy sector supported by the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The consortium participants are leading Dutch companies specializing in various aspects of the value added biobased production chain and renowned knowledge institutions. The Government of the Netherlands supports the partnership activities in Ukraine. The partnership invests, designs, supplies and advises for biobased energy projects in Ukraine (2015-2018).


Presentations from the Forum (according to Program):

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More than 200 participants have joined the International Conference "Biomass for Energy 2017" – a professional event in the field of bioenergy in Ukraine with a wide representation of politicians, public, business and science authorities.

Organizers of the Conference: Bioenergy Association of Ukraine; State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine; Renewable Energy Agency; Institute of Engineering Thermophysics; the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; Scientific Engineering Centre “Biomass”.

Great conference hall of the national academy of Sciences of Ukraine (55 Volodymyrska str.).

Conference Program included:

• Disscusion with representatives of the government and business on the subject: «State and prospects of bioenergy development in Ukraine. Prospects for a biofuel market development».
• Plenary and oral reports.
• Dutch-Ukrainian Forum "Biofuels market in Ukraine: step towards energy independence".
• FORBIO project Seminar "Prospects of sustainable feedstock production for advanced biofuels in Ukraine" under the Horizon 2020 program.
• Presentation of the scenario of Ukrainian energy sector transition towards 100% RES by 2050.
• Excursion to the plantation of energy crops.

Sponsors of the conference: ICS Energietechnik Gesellschaft mbH (Austria), "ENERSTENA Ukraine" LLC, GIZ project "Establishment of Energy Agencies in Ukraine", "Metropoliya" SAT" LLC. By financial support: United Nations Development Programme “Development and Commercialization of Bioenergy Technologies in the Municipal Sector of Ukraine”. Financial support of the Dutch-Ukrainian Forum: The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine. Financial support of FORBIO project Seminar: EU Research and Innovation Program "Horizon 2020". Financial support of Presentation of the scenario 100% RES by 2050: Sustainable Energy (SE, VedvarendeEnergi).

The conference was attended by more than 200 specialists. Among them, 24 are from abroad (the Netherlands, Lithuania, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Sweden, Italy, Hungary). Among the professional participants, there were representatives of political circles and state authorities, consulting and commercial firms, industrial enterprises, agricultural holdings, professional associations, research and educational establishments, public organizations etc.

The conference covered a wide range of issues related to energy use of biomass: biomass resources; research and development of bioenergy technologies; demonstration and commercial biomass projects; issues of legislation, development strategies and bioenergy projects financing; thermal and electric energy production from the solid biomass; economic and environmental aspects of the development of biomass energy production technologies; production and use of biogas; biofuel market; possibilities of growing sustainable raw materials for 2nd generation biofuels.

Program and more information about the international conference "Biomass for Energy 2017" you can find on the website www.UABioConf.org.