We offer to get acquainted with two authoritative forecasts. According to IRENA, “Without doubling the production of energy from biomass by 2050, it is impossible to keep the global temperature rise within 2 degrees Celsius.” 30% is the minimum contribution of bioenergy to the production of all energy to achieve the world goals of the Paris Agreement by 2050.

Experts on the implementation of the EU-28 Green Deal have similar views (published on February 3, 2021): “In order to meet the EU Green Deal goals, the contribution of bioenergy must increase at least 2.5 times compared to 2019 (according to one of the EU-28 scenarios on energy development by 2050)”. 25% is the minimum share of bioenergy from all energy to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 as a fundamental goal of the EU Green Deal.

According to both forecasts, bioenergy is and will remain № 1 of all RES until 2050, but its relative share will decrease slightly in favor of wind and solar generation.

The situation in Ukraine

  • In 2019, the share of bioenergy in total energy consumption in Ukraine was 4.2%. By 2035, this figure should increase to 11% (according to the current Energy Strategy until 2035).
  • By 2050, Ukraine has no approved or declared goals for the development of bioenergy and other RES. We run the risk of failing to meet our share of the global climate neutrality target if we do not immediately begin discussing and approving targets for the development of RES by 2050.

Sources: IRENA views; EU Green Deal.