Read the materials of the stakeholders’ online meeting under the project “Support legislative, regulatory framework for bioenergy value chains in Ukraine”. The materials are already available on the SAF website.

We will remind, the event took place on July 2. More than 300 participants joined online in the discussion and viewing .

Within the project, REA and COWI A/S experts have presented:

  • an action plan for bioenergy capacity to reach targets set in the National Energy Strategy of Ukraine;
  • incentives for bioenergy technology transfer and bioenergy value chain development;
  • biomass certification schemes to enable biomass exchange operation.

We thank the speakers for interesting reports, and the participants — for a very productive discussion! We are convinced that the development of a long-term strategy for the development of Ukraine’s bioenergy and the Roadmap is a necessary step towards achieving Ukraine’s energy independence.

Why is the Roadmap and Action Plan important for Ukraine?

  1. Outlines the prospects for the development of the bioenergy sector until 2050.
  2. Includes a detailed Action Plan to achieve the already announced goals for the development of the sector until 2025.
  3. Outlines the role of bioenergy in Ukraine’s international commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  4. Determines the contribution of bioenergy installations and technologies in the replacement of fossil fuel capacities and NPP capacities that will be decommissioned by 2050.

Read about the preconditions for the development of the document, as well as the legislative and regulatory framework for the development of bioenergy in Ukraine in the full material on the SAF platform.

Project executors:  the Renewable Energy Agency (Ukraine) in a partnership with COWI A/S (Danmark), and the EBRD and GEF Program “Ukraine: Sustainable Bioenergy Value Chain Innovation”.

Speaker presentations

Video of the event (in Ukrainian)

It will be recalled that UABIO is a partner of the EBRD’s sustainable agribusiness platform SAF.