Head of the Board of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine (UABIO) Georgii Geletukha shared his professional opinion about the main advantages of the draft law №5464 on a Platform for renewable energy investments “GetMarket”.

It is important that this draft law does not provide:

  • Preferences;
  • Additional budget funds;
  • High tariffs.

It will be bought by commercial European or Ukrainian companies. Some UABIO members are already interested in the production of it. In addition, there is a demand for biomethane in Europe. The introduction of an additional carbon tax from 2023 is an important reason for developing CO2 production.

UABIO forecast — the adoption of this draft law is enough to start the development of the biomethane market in Ukraine.

Georgii Geletukha

About the benefits of biomethane, including:

  • It is ready-to-use for the existing infrastructure;
  • It is three times cheaper than green hydrogen.

About the need to:

  • Legitimize the definition of the term “biomethane”;
  • Create the “Biomethane Register”.

And also about:

  • Biomethane resources;
  • The pathway of combining of biomethane and “green” hydrogen technologies;
  • Potential buyers of biomethane;
  • Production of organic fertilizers.

We thank the interviewer Maxym Babaiev and the company “Platform for renewable energy investments “GetMarket” that he represented for interest in the topic.