Today, the cheapest and most practical option in renewable gases by 2030 is biomethane. Why? Find out in an interview of Andrii Zhupanyn, Ukrainian Deputy, one of the authors of the law on biomethane, with Georgii Geletukha, UABIO Head of the Board. Current expert information on the situation with biomethane in Ukraine, prospects, and opportunities for this renewable gas.

Myths about biomethane refuted in the video:

  • Biomethane calorific is lower than that of natural gas.
  • Ukraine does not have enough raw materials for biomethane production.
  • Ukraine will never be able to produce enough biomethane to replace all gas imports.
  • Biomethane is not better than natural gas in terms of ecology.
  • In the process of biomethane production, waste is generated, which enters groundwater and pollutes it.

The Bioenergy Association of Ukraine team thanks Andrii Zhupanyn for public attention to important issues in the field of bioenergy!