UABIO Position Paper № 29 
Georgii Geletukha, Petro Kucheruk, Yuri Matveev

September 2022

Position paper No. 29 of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine is devoted to the analysis of prospects for biomethane production in Ukraine.

The situation regarding the development of biogas and biomethane production in Ukraine and the world is presented. Estimates of the potential of biomethane in the world, the EU, and Ukraine are given. The existing mechanisms for supporting biomethane in the EU countries are considered. The raw material base for the production of biogas/biomethane, typical for Ukraine, has been structured. Raw materials, project and product concepts of biomethane projects are described. An analysis of potential markets for biomethane consumption and technical and economic indicators of biomethane projects is given. The current legislative regulation of the biomethane market in Ukraine is described, as well as the forecast and vision of UABIO regarding the action plan for the development of the biomethane market in Ukraine until 2050.