THREE BIOENERGY FACILITIES in Austria was filmed during a tour within the World Sustainable Energy Days 2020 conference.

UABIO and SEC Biomass experts visited:

  • Boiler house 500 kW on pellets, heating the shop and offices of Fronius Perfect Welding
  • CHP (20 kW of electricity and 60 kW of heat) on wood chips, which provides heating, hot water and electricity to a chicken farm (Hargassner Heiztechnik der Zukunft equipment)
  • 400 kW pellet boiler heated by the four-star Hotel Schlögener Schlinge (boiler room with ÖkoFEN Pelletsheizung equipment, operating under an ESCO agreement from 2018)

We believe that such facilities will be built in Ukraine in the near future! That’s it is important to learn from others experience, explore and get inspired by sustainable bioenergy solutions.


We wrote about the participation of UABIO and SEC Biomass experts in World Sustainable Energy Days here:;