The results of the sociological study “Environmental Responsibility” indicate an increasing the level of consciousness of climate change.

The full report of the sociological study “Environmental Responsibility”.

92% of residents of Kyiv consider the issues of environmental protection and combating climate change relevant. 63% have changed their attitude towards these issues in the last 2-3 years. 30% of respondents showed a high level of readiness to participate in environmental protection activities because they feel a personal responsibility for it.

Residents of Kyiv and experts are extremely negative about the effectiveness of both Kyiv and state authorities in this matter.
48% of experts and 27% of residents of Kyiv believe that the priority of issues should be changed.

59% of Kyiv residents and 42% of experts consider funding to be a key factor in resolving this issue.

More and more Ukrainians understand the needness and inevitability of such changes. And this is the main thing.


These indicators are very important for understanding that society is ready for changes and a “green” transition.

The research was conducted on the initiative and within the program of research of the public organization “Abilities” in partnership with the research company “” (ESOMAR member), as well as with the support of – Ukraine, All-Ukrainian platform “Earth Day Ukraine”, The Heinrich Boell Foundation in Ukraine, Kyiv-Ukraine Bureau, ReputationLab Research Center (Ukraine), Ecodia NGO.