Memorandum with producers of renewable energy sources is a key question nowadays. UABIO Head of the Board Georgii Geletukha gave his assessment in an interview with the First Business Channel.

In an interview he shared hsi position on the situation of RES implementation in Ukraine, pricing and the impact of renewable energy on the national economy.

The memorandum provides for a tariffs reduction for electricity generated by solar and wind power plants. This is especially true of solar energy. That is why stricter commitments on the stability of energy supply, the so-called imbalance fee, are being introduced.

An issue on which there is no consensus yet is the reduction of the tariff for projects that were launched 4-5 years ago, when tariff for the sun was significantly higher.

For the bioenergy sector, all conditions are maintained. However, the industry is hostage to the situation because not everyone is paid. For the last three months, payments amount to 5% of what the Guaranteed Buyer must pay.

More about this in the program recording (in Ukrainian):

Also, we remind that UABIO members appealed to the Prime Minister of Ukraine regarding the debts of the State Enterprise “Guaranteed Buyer” to producers of electricity from biomass and biogas.