Despite the signed Memorandum, the crisis has not passed. UABIO Head of the Board Georgii Geletukha shared his opinion on this issue in an interview for the online media “Energoreforma”.

The document was signed, but it is still unclear when the State Company “Guaranteed Buyer” will pay the debt. And also can bioenergy projects count on timely payment in the future?

The announced 40% this year and 15% quarterly next year do not suit bioenergy projects, because their fuel component reaches 60%.


Currently, the issue is bringing a suit at a court against the State Enterprise “Guaranteed Buyer”. This will not speed up the payment of debts but will give bioenergy projects additional arguments in negotiations on the supply of raw materials and with banks.

9 months of negotiations did not yield anything — the question today is the presence of political will and the cessation of ignoring the problem by the authorities.

Shouldn’t we think about the image of the State? What investments in RES can we talk about when projects are now on the verge of shutdown?

You need to act IMMEDIATELY!

Read more in the full interview of UABIO Head of the Board Georgii Geletukha for the “Energoreforma”.