The development of biogas and biomethane sectors is a way to avoid GHG emissions and a negative carbon footprint.

The EBA presented a new infographic highlighting how biogas and biomethane industries avoid emissions and are already contributing to achieving climate-neutrality by 2050.

Biogas and biomethane reduce emissions by: 

  • replacing fossil fuels;
  • avoiding methane slips from manure;
  • storing carbon in soils;
  • producing green fertilisers;
  • enabling carbon re-use.

Compared to EU fossil fuels, biogas production can save up to 240% of GHG emissions and biomethane up to 202%.

European Biogas Association (EBA)

The sector has the potential to reduce worldwide greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 10-13%. 

Source: European Biogas Association.

Bioenergy Association of Ukraine has been a full member of the European Biogas Association since 2019.