The transition from the use of natural gas as a fuel for transport to biomethane allows to:

  • reduce air pollution (-55% CO2);
  • create new jobs (up to 1 million jobs in Europe in 2030);
  • dispose of organic waste (173 kg biowaste per Brussels inhabitant every year).

Biomethane is almost 100% methane. It is no different from ordinary natural gas, so it can be transported and used wherever natural gas is, but without additional emissions.


17% biomethane is used today to fuel natural gas vehicles (NGVs) in 25% of Europe’s refueling network. This results in a 35% reduction of emissions when compared to conventional fuels.

In 2030, 40% biomethane will be available to power the entire NGV fleet reducing overall GHG emissions by 55% and delivering up to 1 million jobs.

Europe’s 2030 estimated natural gas vehicle fleet would result in a yearly fuel cost saving of more than 4.5 billion Euros.

Source: Infographics of  European Biogas Association та Natural bio Gas Vehicle Association (NGVA).