1. Climate change. Of course, the key factor is climate change. We still have not done enough to stop global warming. Developing bioenergy means doing more.
  2. Energy security. Each country aims to resource independence because it is a guarantee of energy security in any foreign policy and economic situation. For Ukraine, energy independence is a strategic issue. We have all the resources, now we need political will and consistent steps.
  3. Air quality. “Dirty” energy is still destroying the health of millions of Ukrainians. We breathe by-products of burning coal and petroleum products. The quality and duration of our life directly depend on air quality.
  4. Rural development. Bioenergy, first of all, is provided local development, creates permanent jobs for rural residents, strengthens infrastructure.
  5. Agricultural development. Ukraine is an agrarian country. Agricultural development is one of the key factors of the economy. The usage of agricultural biomass for energy needs is a promising area of bioenergy. Growing energy crops makes it possible to use those lands that are no longer suitable for agriculture. In addition, the usage of digestate from biogas plants as fertilizer improves soil structure.
  6. Innovation. Technological development is an important part of modern society. Ukrainian energy sphere needs innovative approaches and the abandonment of outdated “dirty” technologies. Our future depends on it!

Source: IEA Bioenergy, IEA RETD «Better Use of Biomass for Energy», 2010.