1. Ukrainians pay $ 12 billion a year for imported natural gas, oil, and coal. At the same time, biomass in Ukraine is enough to replace all gas and coal imports.
  2. Bioenergy provides the economic growth of developing countries due to sustainable RES. Biomass and biogas are renewable sources that can be converted into heat, electricity, and fuel for transport.
  3. Agriculture and forestry are important components of the national economy. In Ukraine, 4 million hectares of unoccupied agricultural lands suitable for growing energy crops. This, in turn, improves soil structure. In addition, sustainable forestry reduces the risk of forest fires.
  4. The growth of employment and income of local communities is an extremely important aspect of decentralization. Bioenergy provides 2 times more jobs than other renewables.

Source: IEA Bioenergy, IEA RETD «Better Use of Biomass for Energy», 2010.