UABIO stands for sustainable development and improvement of technologies.


  • To increase the efficiency of using sustainable biomass resources.
  • Maximize the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Optimize the contribution of biomass to the security of energy supply.

The International Energy Agency determines the following key steps for more efficient usage of biomass:

  • Harmonization of sustainability standards, criteria, and indicators for biomass trade, especially for greenhouse gas emissions, taking into account biodiversity and social impact.
  • Support the transition to improved sowing systems, such as perennial oilseeds and lignocellulosic plants that can be grown on degraded land. This is especially relevant to Ukraine.
  • Establishment of extraction, collection, and logistics in waste management to take into account the “cascade” use of biowaste for bioenergy.
  • Improving land-use policy for the integration of agriculture, energy, and forestry, as well as nature protection and social development needs.

Source:IEA Bioenergy, IEA RETD «Better Use of Biomass for Energy», 2010.